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Graduate Managers Program

Graduate Managers Program

Salam University & College Graduates and Graduates-to-be.

We are looking for 50 Managers. Are you one of them ?

How do you see yourself in 12 months time ? In 3 years or beyond 5 years ? Ever wonder how the world recession is gonna affect your career ? Let me share with you how prospects of a recession affected the beginning of my career. Learn from my story…

Many years ago, my “IT lecturer” hinted to us (during our year one) that when we graduate, Malaysia will be in recession. I took his advise a step further, wanting a secured job, I applied for 5 biasiswa – and got 4 of them ! Spoilt with choice, I chose our Central Bank Scholarship. Now, many years later, regretting the Accountancy course I pursued (was not exciting for me, then) I reluctantly graduated but didn’t pursue the career I was suppose to (again, I did not think its exciting enough).. Started my career as management trainees with 2 public listed companies, then into banking line – being in Treasury, where the excitement was. Then into Banking Risk Management. Later I explored IT consulting, specialising in Treasury systems and lastly ended my employment with another listed company as Manager of Treasury Department. All in all 8 years of employment where I saw my wages grow from RM1,500 to RM5,500 (approx 30% growth per annum).

The employment didn’t give me much satisfaction, it pays for the bills but I was unable to save nor invest (kurang celik pelaburan & simpanan). Later, when life become more challenging, it was not enough to pay for “the bills” and instead of saving, I accumulated debts. My 8 years of employment gave me financial market knowledge and every year I climbed the ladder of frustration and was in a vicious cycle, being caught in a robotic-automatic-pattern called “employment” . Climbing the career ladder was tough, jugling family and work was becoming even tougher. There were many frustration and stressful circumstances. I neglected my health and appearance. All these heightened my desire to one day have my own business, and doing it “my way” ! I hated the life I lived and often dream that I have more money.  But not knowing where and how to start.

Meanwhile, an ex-colleague,  younger and with more money sense ventured into this unit trust business 2 years before me. I realized that she had achieved much, much more in just that two years than my so called “career advancement”. I then vowed to take up the challenge and pursue the same path – to be a business owner, an entrepreneur. I’ve never regretted my decision, enjoying more income, flexibility in time and able to take control of my future better ! Not to mention yearly paid vacation overseas.

So Graduates, ponder on my story, talk to me and see how this business can chart your path to wealthiness and happiness. Most of our parents, realise it too late in their career – when they are full with commitments (loans, family, false sense of security) and lack of energy & enthusiasm, to start a new. Do not follow such footsteps, decide and take charge of your life, as early as possible. Most rich people come from having created a business, very rarely they come from people who slog in employment. Remember, YOU DESERVE WHAT YOU DREAM.. LIVE YOUR DREAM..

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