Justunittrust | New Training Modules @ Q2'09
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New Training Modules @ Q2'09

New Training Modules @ Q2'09

Dear JUST Unit Trust Consultants,

we’ll be introducing a fresh batch of training modules – more holistic view of unit trust within ambit of financial planning, more current techniques & skills in line with current marketing strategies for financial services.

Unit Trust is no longer a product, it is viewed as a commodity used in investments for financial plans – education, retirement, emergency, legacy and the like. Unit Trust is also an investment vehicle in financial planning accoding to life cycle – accumulation, preservation/protection & distribution.

Combined with added value instruments of will writing, trust nomination and general insurance needs, we have a complete approach to manage personal financial plan.

So, join JUST Synergy Solution’s brainstorming & trainings as we unveil more interesting & relevant knowledge for betterment of your unit trust business.

Trainers whom have volunteered (some hand-picked by Jas) : Arif, Hasimah, Farah, Nazri, Maimunah, Juliana, Zamshary, Shohaimay, Aznita, Raimy. Appreciate more trainers to volunteer ! 

We will make previous modules available on this site for reference soon. Off course, for FREE !


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