Justunittrust | Brainstorming 18 May 2009
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Brainstorming 18 May 2009

Brainstorming 18 May 2009

J.U.S.T Brainstorming 18 May 2009

Howdy JUST Consultants !

Many of us just got back from our annual National Sales Convention & Annual Dinner – some inspired by the reputable speakers brought in by PMB whilst others motivated to witness success of other Unit Trust Consultanst within the company. I bet the dinner was an “eye-opener” to new unit trust consultants ! Wish more of JUST unit trust consultants will join next year ! With ongoing, generous campaigns by PMB, am sure more would make the cut to Dubai & Korea in year 2010.

I, for one, would like to congratulate our qualifiers to Rome/China/Bandung – Hasimah, Arif, Baila, Farah, Nazri, Salihodin, Julianna & Wan Suzana(did i miss anyone ?).. Lastly to myself..  All of us knew how challenging it was last year, rite ?

Now, back to brainstorming issues. We discussed the following at 18 May Brainstorming.

1.  Market Chat

a) we discussed about EPF loan of RM5b to ValueCap via interview with EPF CEO over the BFM radio station. The loan is government guaranteed and loaned at the rate of 10 years MGS around 4.50% + 0.50% over 5 – 10 years period.  .   Jas : Can expect epf contributors to continue getting around 5% from their epf savings. So, good to continue to diversify epf savings into unit trust investment for the next 5 years at least. b) we discussed about Danajamin Nasional Berhad – Malaysia’s first financial guarantee institution, owned by Malaysian government. Danajamin was launched as part of the 2nd stimulus package to encourage more corporate bonds issue. Jas : Danajamin good for investors’ confidence and can help add comfort level psychologically, especially when the market fear corporate bond defaults and present uncertainties on recession or otherwise.

2. PMB

a) Cash Campaign

– get detail guidelines from PMB e-mail & note contest period

  • cash sales RM20,000 > additional commission RM100 
  • cash sales RM30,000 > additional commission RM155
  • cash sales RM40,000 > additional commission RM215
  • cash sales RM50,000 above > additional commission RM280 

Jas : WOWIE !!! 

b) New Investor Campaignget guidelines from PMB email – note period of contestfor investors with NAV of RM0 as at 18 May 2009 or for investors whom has never invested with PMB.– for investors who has only cash transactions only – their potential epf investment qualify them as new investor.– for investors who has only epf transactions only – their potential cash investment qualify them as new investor. 

Jas : double WOW !!! 

3. Group Activities
a) P2 session

our “peluh-peluh” upcoming sessions : 

  • 20th may 2009, 4 – 6pm@ Seri Petaling Pusat Komuniti  
  • 27th may 2009, 6 – 8.30pm@ KL Badminton Stadium in Cheras (very near JJusco & PGRM). Many thanks to Raimy for assisting and we manage to secure longer hours this time. Hope our part-time consultants can participate !

b) Family Day

Planned end of June 2009. More details soon 

c) Caring Day

More details soon.  

4. Sales Tracking

Focus on the achievable amount such as the “lowest common denominator” such as “daily sales target” to achieve other targets – trips, awards & monthly commission. This method is extensively used by Courts Mammoth when marketing their product eg.”only RM2/day” or “hanya 99 sen sehari” etc. Lately Nissan also uses this method in selling their cars.We can also use this for our investments – only RM100 per month or RM3.33 per day !   

5. Sharing by JUST Unit Trust Consultants 

a) Jas : Robin Sharma (no 2 leadership guru)– author of bestseller book “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”. In his real life, Robin left legal practice upon realising he felt “empty” pursuing being a lawyer and sold his “flashy” BMW. Some of his wise thoughts from : 

  • “crisis breeds opportunity” especially for those who has lost their jobs, it could be the beginning of a better career. 
  • “focus on what’s good (in their work) and find the meaning in the work” 
  • In bad relationships “own your power. You have a lot more choices than you are recognising”. 

b) Jas : Bridget Menezes (renowned self-empowerment guru)

– how to “not worry, and be happy” where 10 tips outlined. Two of my favorites are : 

  • “think before you speak” – Watch your thoughts, they become your words.Watch your words, they become your actions.Watch your actions, they become your habits.Watch your habits, they become your character.Watch your character, they become your destiny.“Everything starts with a thought” 
  • 3 ingredients to a long and happy life – Live with attention, not tension. Use your time in a worthwhile manner, don’t waste time. You can’t recycle “wasted time”. Be positive and have good thoughts always.  

c) Arif : NSC & Dr William TanDr Tan is spectacular and remarkable personality – a handicap, a doctor, a holder of world records (certain sport), a graduate of Harvard, a cancer patient currently undergoing chemotherapy. He has been denied many great opportunities during his childhood an education days due to physical handicap and disabilities. Dr Tan’s wise words “is never say never to yourself”.  Jas : Banyak jenis handicap. Kite yang tidak physically challenge, tetapi banyak merungut, meng-komplen, sentiasa salahkan persekitaran dan orang lain – inilah golongan yang benar-benar handicap “akal” !!! Ramai yang macam gitu (including myself, occasionally). Setuju ?  

Till the next brainstorming session. Stay Focus ! Stay true to your unit trust business and true to your investors… ciao!


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