Justunittrust | Brainstorming 23 May 2009
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Brainstorming 23 May 2009

Brainstorming 23 May 2009

J.U.S.T Brainstorming 23 May 2009

Salam sejahtera to all JUST Consultants !

Yup, its the last week of May 2009 and that means we’re drawing nearer to mid of Ox-year 2009. How time flies when we’re having fun (or no fun ?). Remember “the only thing which is unrecycle-able is WASTED TIME itself”.

We resumed our “post renovation” Training at the new Cheras Training Block – better ambience, better energy and definitely more space ! Kudos and thanks to PMB management for their consideration. We, consultants have waited patiently for such positive development.

Also, nak ucap “terima kasih banyak” to our AM Arif for belanja lunch. We all had ikan bakar, air kasturi assam boi, potato sambal, and other yummy stuff at kedai Roslan-kurus.

So, whilst our consultants are on their NSC trip to Rome & Hangzhou, the rest of us pursued daily sales activities as usual. The discussion we had this morning follows….

Present today : Jaslinah, Farah, Arif, Hasimah, Baila, Nazri, Aisha, Zamshary & Hazah.

Facilitator : Agency Manager Farah

1. Market Chat

  • we discussed about local bursa’s sharp up move closing at 1045 last Friday. Many anticipate next target at 1070 !

Jas : personally I do not favor such sudden move – too fast. Market players are moving stock market up on “berita-berita yang melegakan” ie issues which reduces fear, or news that slowly add confidence that the economy “may” avoid global recession impact. Warren Buffet’s “Fearful when market is greedy” must be in check during present situation.

  • we mentioned about General Motor’s bankruptcy.
  • also talked about Malaysia’s low take up rate for “unemployed retraining”.

2. PMB

  • Two new funds by our PBK – one capital guaranteed on US equity & another, a balanced fund on Australia.
  • Asset Allocation 30 April 2009 – checkout e-mail.
  • PMB Funds review (graphs) – checkout e-mail.
  • we saw many of our funds performing very well in tandem with equity market recovery, in fact one of the funds gave +70% over 7 months !!! If only investors would put more trust in our fund managers, and us !!!

Jas : careful of funds yang size Net Asset Value kecil (RM50m or less) especially if they’re invested overseas. Even more so, if their equity exposure sangat tinggi (say, above 90%) — these funds will carry even higher risk. Do checkwhere are your investors invested ! If market continue to rise, no problem. But recent equity sharp rise, would expect similar magnitude in correction before resuming north. So, be careful !

3. Group Activities

a) JUST Training

– our June 2009 training scheduled as follows :

  • 13th June 2009, 9am – 12pm @ Chears Training (new block – level 2)
  • 20th June 2009 9am – 12pm @ Cheras Training (new block – level 2)
  • training materials (previous ones) are available on same website – FREE download (get password from Jaslinah’s office – Cik Farehin)
  • but merely downloading materials are just half the fun of learning, as you need to be in class to appreciate many other information especially those involving personal experiences, current issues faced by practising consultants & activities which can help us appreciate & understand better.

b) P2 session

– our “peluh-peluh” upcoming sessions :

  • 27th may 2009, 6 – 8.30pm@ KL Badminton Stadium in Cheras (very near JJusco & PGRM).

c) Family Day

  • Planned end of June 2009. More details soon

d) Caring Day

More details soon.

4. Sales Tracking

  • Discussed week 20 sales performances.
  • Soon we will conduct “sales tracking” via “countdown to Dubai”.

5. Sharing by JUST Unit Trust Consultants

a) Arif : FMUTM seminar “Impacting Leadership Communication” – Many type of leaders but a good leader is the one who can “communicate”.

Jas : A good leader is not necessary “well liked” but must be a leader who can uncover potential & develop more leaders…

JUST leaders are planning a mid-year booster for the JUST consultants. As planned (discussed today) we’ll conduct in smaller groups and for full-timers, a one-to-one session can be expected. We would try tailor our booster session to each consultant.
For our dear part-timer consultants, should you wish for a one-to-one session, please let me know, ok ? sms me at 012-2037003 (jaslinah) We will be more than pleased to accomodate request.
So, till the next time.
Pulau pandan jauh ketengah,
Gunung daik bercabang tiga,
Tahun 2009 hampir setengah,
Target Dubai, amacam, ok ka ?


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