Justunittrust | Brainstorming 8 June 2009
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Brainstorming 8 June 2009

Brainstorming 8 June 2009

J.U.S.T Brainstorming

Salam dear Consultants.

During recent brainstorming, we were excited to see out first cut “group official baju” ! Many in-house designers participated but in the end we chose something “quite safe” and wearable. The design is neither F1-type of shirts or colorful blazers, but a shirt styled, suited for CONSULTANTS. The price, estimated at RM50 (incl logo). A “measuring session” will be conducted on the 13 June 2009 (Saturday) between 12pm – 2pm at Cheras branch (training block). Compulsory for all to drop by for a custom-fit JUST CONSULTANT SHIRT .

I personally would like to “welcome back” zarina from her cuti maternity (congrats ! dapat kembar sepasang). We can benefit from her strengths & experience in tele-marketing, face-to-face approach via simple (layman) methods. Also, previously, our power-low-profile lady MFAS Norizat, who kembali ke KL from JB (biz). Strengths in being consistent with her sales production. A very positive person who is able to multi-task very well.

I also mentioned our “long-distance” consultant @ Ipoh – Mazura. We appreciate your consistent sales performance and you have proven that motivation lies from within ourselves. Keep up the good work ! Look us up when you’re in KL.

We then discussed the following…

Attendees : rahman, fakhrul, aisha, aznita, syed ali, raimy, zarina, nazri, wan suzana, juliana, maria, maimunah, arif, hazah & jaslinah.


a) TRAINING Session

Our upcoming training sessions follows :

. Date : 13 June 2009 (time 9am – 12pm) : SCAN (to understand) your prospects in just 10 minutes !

. Date : 20 June 2009 (time 9am – 12pm) : Stock market indicators (basic) – technical analysis & fundamental analysis

. Venue : PMB Cheras Training Block (new) level 2.

. Committee : nazri, zamshary, hazah  & jas

Jas : We start at 9am ! Please, please, please be punctual. Orang nak beri ilmu percuma, and many trainers valunteer their TIME and their WEEKEND to share – so please appreciate their commitment and passion by being there on time. And for some yang tak sempat breakfast, we always give FREE MAKAN lagi. Training room pun dah cantik dan sangat selesa untuk digunapakai.

Jas : Let’s make our training session a valuable experience, barulah ilmu yang dipelajari memberi manfaat yang berkesan. Oh ya, FREE NOTA lagi… Maybe banyak sangat FREE, tak banyak yang appreciate… betul ke ?

b) JUST “P2” Session

Our next “peluh-peluh” get-together :

. Date : 10 June 2009 (time 4 – 6 pm)

. Activity : Pusat Komuniti Sri Petaling

. Committee : raimy & syed ali

Raimy : Our excuses are the thing we need to beat, NOT Lin Dan.

c) JUST Family Day

We have confirmed our family day on the 27th-28th June 2009. We would appreciate feedbacks by Monday 15th June 2009 via call to Farehin (o17-3104171) stating number of persons per family ( adult + children).

We plan an overnight stay (got BBQ on 27th evening !) but this is optional.

. Tentative venue : Port Dickson @ the PD Golf & Country Club

. Commitee : logistics – farah & julianna, activities – arif & raimy, beverage -shima & jas

.Itinerary : refer e-mail or check with Farehin.

Jas : Family Day would allow your loved ones to get to know the JUST group & vice versa. For those yang belum ada family, hmmm… maybe sempat cari family or bring your parents…

d) JUST Caring Day

Updates soon.

. Commitee : julianna, aznita & jas

2. Market Chat

We reviewed recent stock market movements in klci, djia & hsi. Many still believe the recent rise is a “bear trap” and driven by flush liquidity in the market. Many fund managers and institutional buying were actively stocking up their portfolio and riding the trend. Many technical indicators (as analysed @ brainstorming) shows overbought situation. All this despite no real fundamental basis in the economy (yet). The charts & analysis will be e-mailed.

For those who believe this is a start (platform) of a bull run, they may have to have a longer outlook as the ride could be choppy and volatile. Year end outlook ? Fund managers (not PMB’s) bet ranges from 980, 1100 to 1300. No consenses and the forecast are just too wide from each house.

Jas : For now the klci appears to be playing within the 1030 to 1100 range. Next supports (perhaps) at 1000 then 980 levels. Unit Trust investments are for medium to long term financial objectives. Looking at the 5 years and 15 years charts (ref e-mail) it makes so much sense to accumulate as much as possible at these levels. Unit Trust can provide potential short-term gains, for those more “savvy” with stock movements.

3. PM Berhad

• GBOS (grand recruitment) will be on the 24 June 2009 @ Tropicana Golf.
Jas : ONLY 20 tickets sponsored by me – please request via Farehin 017-3104171. So far 10 taken up !

• Investment Talk by PMB Fund Managers on the 24 June 2009 Cheras @ Tropicana Golf.

This is a must attend session, the very few “upclose & personal” events with the best fund managers in Malaysia (& many say, Asia). And its FREEEEEE ! There’ll be 2 sessions (choose one) 9.30am or 3pm.

Jas : kena datang awal- if nak the best seats. Confirm penuh !!! Bawa pen, kertas dsb to tulis fakta-fakta penting.

4. Sharing session

• Aznita : time to update your investors (even the newly invested ones) as they’ve profits in short period of time. Time to build investors’ confidence and off course get more sales and referrals.

• Jas : Cheras Top 10 for month of May 2009 – how to qualify ?

Easy-guide to be in top 10 cheras. Just maintain sales as follows :

MFA/ASPPersonal Sales RM150,000 per month or only RM5k/day

MFASGroup Sales RM300,000 per month or only RM10k/day

– if you have 3 consultants = MFAS maintain RM5k/day + MFA RM2.5k/day + MFA RM2.5k/day

– if you have 2 consultants = MFAS do RM7k/day + MFA RM3k/day

MFAMGroup Sales RM700,000 per month or only RM24k/day

MFGAMGroup Sales RM1.5m per month or only RM50k/day

So, see you SATURDAY 13 JUNE 2009 @ Cheras Branch….

Selamat bercuti sekolah dan pandulah dengan selamat when on the road…..

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