Justunittrust | Brainstorming 15 June 2009
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Brainstorming 15 June 2009

Brainstorming 15 June 2009

Salam JUST Consultants ..

Apologize for the short notice in cancelling the session. A quick update on May 2009 sales performance & ranking. Also look up JUST unit trust consultants’ Year-to-date (Jan-May’09) Personal Sales.

May 2009 Sales (personal) – by rank 


Jaslinah RM371,825


1. Arif RM200,151

2. Hasimah RM190,721

3. Nubaila RM151,660

4. Mai Farah  RM60,229

AS (top 5)

1. Norizat RM270,700

2. Nazri RM188,150

3. Shohaimay RM106,881

4. Julianna RM76,526

5. Intan Rohaidah RM64,286

A/ASP (top 10)

1. Ajumain RM112,100

2. Raimy RM108,260

3. Sanusi RM62,122

4. Mohd Din RM61,300

5. Aznita RM57,266

6. Yusof RM57,250

7. Aishah RM54,030

8. Hilmi RM41,020

9.Faizal RM38,750

10. Rozita RM37,700

Congrats & well done to Norizat, Nazri, Ajumain & Raimy for surpassing our benchmarks (RM150,000/mth for AS and RM100,000/mth for A/ASP). Award for the month goes to top AS – Norizat and top A/ASP – Ajumain. For info, this is the second award for Ajumain this year. He has proven to us all that part-time consultants can perform as efficient (if not more) than a full-time consultant ! Wow and kudos..

For our top JUST consultant, do take up the challenge – “be yourself, but a better one”. For the rest of us, do benchmark your performance against the better or the best !

we’ll meet soon with more updates on “Family Day” and “Training 20 June 2009 – Stock Market (technical analysis) & Unit Trust”.



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