Justunittrust | Brainstorming 22 June 2009
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Brainstorming 22 June 2009

Brainstorming 22 June 2009

J.U.S.T Brainstorming

Salam to my dear Consultants.

We will be having our inaugural J.U.S.T Family Day this 27 – 28 June 2009 ! Hooray ! ..Many thanks to committee members who are ever so willing to assist not just their fellow consultants, but also family members, to have some fun and sun at Port Dickson. We plan InsyaAllah to have telematches, boardgames session, some court games and off course GOOOOD FOOOOD !!! Thank you for participating & appreciate your support. To others (non-participating) do join us, next time ok ?

Coming back to more serious issues, our brainstorming session on 22 June follows..

Attendees : aisha, aznita, syed ali, raimy, zarina, nazri, zamshary, juliana, maimunah, arif, farah, hasimah & jaslinah.


a) TRAINING Session

Our upcoming training session as follows :

. Date : 4 July (time 10am – 1 pm) : Ad Hoc JUMPSTART – for new consultants, we’ll do crash 3 hours course on products, operational issues and basic unit trust consultants “must-know”. All fresh unit trust consultants from JUST group are welcome. For others (other agency group) you’re welcome to join at RM10 – includes training materials & light refreshments. Do book with Farehin 017-3104 171 to reserve your seats (limited to 10 seats only) To-date there’s about 5 more seats.

. Date : 11 July 2009 (time 9.30am – 12.30pm) : SALES DIALOGUE & PRESENTATION

. Date : 18 July 2009 (time 9.30am – 12.30pm) : MUTUAL FUNDS – PMB vs OTHERS

. All trainings will be conducted at PMB Cheras, Training Block (new) level 2.

. Committee : nazri, zamshary, hazah & jas

Jas : punctuality most appreciated..

b) JUST “P2” Session

There will be NO “peluh-peluh” get-together this Wednesday 24 June 2009 due to ongoing events by PMB on the same date.

c) JUST Family Day

As mentioned above.

d) JUST Caring Day

Updates soon.

. Commitee : julianna, aznita & jas

2. Market Chat

We discussed latest statistics & projection of Unit Trust Industry which is forecasted to grow to US$32.6 billion (RM114.75 billion) by year 2013, up 83% from year 2008. WOW ! This is truly a healthy growth and definitely shows that we’re in the right business at the right time. Refer article from NSTP dated 22 June 2009, Biznews page B9.  See attached report S-EAsianMutualFundsToSurge.jpg

Jas : In addition to being in a sunrise industry, the profession as a Unit Trust Consultant demands higher degree of professionalism and is evolving into Professional Wealth Planners, Financial Planners /Advisors and the like. So, we must flow in this direction and continue to equip ourselves with necessary tools and knowledge. Always with a view of upholding a professional image and carry ourselves reputably.

Market Chat also discussed the trend in retirement plans. SavingEarlierForRetirement.jpg The following points were noted :

. Malaysians starting to plan for retirement on average at age 34 (earlier than previously at 37)

. EPF noted that many retirees opt for gradual withdrawal (instead of lump sum) – 1Q’09 9,731 applications compared to 5,247 applications in 1Q’08. This indicate greater awarenes amongst retirees that they may exhaust their lifetime EPF savings earlier, if withdraw lump sum.

. spending power may have shrunk some 30% – 40% and thus, retiress are more prudent with their spending these days.

. advocates of financial planning target savings to be as high as 40% to 50% of net income ! Move gradually from 10%of Net Income and increase the percentage towards 50%.

. Hospitalization bills (often forgotten or “in denial”) – may wipe out entire savings. So early planning is crucial even for those working and enjoying employment medical benefits now. Medical benefits (insurance) are very, very expensive later in life and most are loaded with high premiums the moment they sniff the slightest health irregularity !

. investors also have duty to understand essentials of investing, risk-reward relationship and asset allocation techniques.

3. PM Berhad

• GBOS (grand recruitment) will be on the 24 June 2009 @ Tropicana Golf, 7.30pm – 9.30pm – grab this opportunity by committing RM50 (part of the RM250 UT exam/joining fees) on the 24 June 2009 and get a FREE Seminar by Alan See (worth RM280) to kickstart your business. This seminar will drive you to clock in your first RM50,000 sales and career program.
Jas : very limited number of tickets still available from JUST.

• Investment Talk by PMB Fund Managers on the 24 June 2009 (choose either 9.30am session or 3.00pm session) @ Tropicana Golf.

Come “upclose & personal” with the best Islamic Fund Managers in Asia !!!.. And its FREEEEEE !

Jas : kena datang awal- if nak the best seats. Confirm penuh !!! Bawa pen, kertas dsb to tulis fakta-fakta penting.
• NEW FUND – the PNREF (invests in stocks with exposure in NATURAL RESOURCES)

  • non-syariah
  • aggressive profile (high risk/reward)
  • domestic & overseas fund (especially China, Australia to name a few)
  • energy (eg Oil & gas), metal, mining, agriculture, paper
  • RM0.25 per unit to be launched very, very soon. Prospectus available on 26 June 2009

PROMOTION : For investors keen to tap the capital appreciation in prices of natural resources globally (in depletion) do get in touch with Jas at 012-203 7003 . Limited Fund size of RM375m ONLY.

4. Sharing session

• Zarina : closing RM100,000 – all in a day’s work.

. Jas : 7 Pillars to Business Success (refer NSTP 22 June 2009 pg 1 of Klassifieds)

  • Think BOLD
  • Learning attitude and being Teachable – access to training, brainstorming, motivation and reading habit.
  • Opportunity to discovery potential business
  • Strong support system – agency system like JUST Team
  • Network Contact – sparring partner, mentor and buddy
  • Motivation & Inspiration continuously – give and receive
  • Can do attitude, even better “DO or DO NOT, there is NO TRY-TRY !”

. Julianna : Booth in “M…………” , Subang Jaya. Those interested call Ju at 016-3330339 ASAP ..

Till the next time, do more sales fellas, puasa & raya around the corner.

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