Justunittrust | Brainstorming 13 July 2009
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Brainstorming 13 July 2009

Brainstorming 13 July 2009


Hello again !

“It’s not the song, but the singer” .. “It’s not just the unit trust, but the unit trust consultants” ..

Remember, unit trust consultants are the main ingredient in investors’ having trust in unit trust. It is very crucial and I cannot emphasize enough but to remind all unit trust consultants that we have a huge responsibility to ensure investors do not shy away from unit trust investments as the best investment plan and device to achieve their “ROADMAP TO FINANCIAL FREEDOM”. Do not betray investors’ trust, treasure relationship and build bridges worth crossing together.

Remember, be JUST, UNIQUE, SAVVY & STREET-SMART and TRUSTWORTHY..When you help as many people, the reward comes naturally. “What goes around, comes around”.

Okay, enough nagging (for now) from Jas.. Back to brainstorming agendas discussed..

Attendees : hairi, aisha, aznita, syed ali, raimy, intan sharizan, nazri, zamshary, juliana, hazah, arif, farah, baila, hasimah & jaslinah.


JUST Consultants Personal Sales for June 2009 (top 10)

Congrats to MFAM Nubaila ! Welldone ! .. Nubaila clocked in RM312,045 for June 2009 (personal sales) and will receive the token award for top AM category, JUST group for month of June 2009.

Others in the top 10 (in sequence of sales ranking) – Arif, Zamshary, Hasimah, Jaslinah. Nazri, Raimy, Intan Rohaidah, Julianna & Syed.

Jas : How’s your DUBAI points thus far ? .. Focus – focus – focus..Sales figure analysis delisted from this website due to request by some consultants.. for obvious reasons..


a) TRAINING Session

Training conducted on 11 July 2009 entitled “Sales Dialogue – Cold Calls” can be downloaded from Training section of the same website soon (try wednesday 15 july 2009). I wish to convey my deepest appreciation to Zarina, or experienced cold call / telemarketeer for assisting with the session. The TELEPHONE dialogues provided serve as guide, and unit trust consultants should refine and customized them to suit their respective communication abilities.

Our upcoming training session for July/August is scheduled as follows :

  • Date : 18 July 2009 (time 9.30am – 1.00pm) : SALES DIALOGUE – PRESENTATION (FACE-TO-FACE)
  • Date : 8 August 2009 (time 9.30am – 1.00pm) : PM vs other Funds (tentative topic)

All trainings will be conducted at PMB Cheras, Training Block (new) level 2.

Committee : nazri, zamshary, hazah & jas

Jas : 18 July 2009 training, we had full house ! Very glad many senior consultants participate. Even more semangat bila tengok the eager, new consultants benar-benar focus…

b) JUST “P2” Session

The July 2009 “peluh-peluh” get-together will be at Pusat Komersial Komuniti Bandar Tun Razak (drive towards HUKM, near LRT bandar Tun Razak). We manage to book a 6-8pm session but only for some of the dates. Hope that our part-timers can join the fun !

(10 minutes drive from Cheras Office)


  • 15 July 2009 : 4 – 8pm (2+1 courts)
  • 22 July 2009 : 4 – 8pm (2+1 courts)
  • 29 July 2009 : 4 – 8pm (2+1 courts)

2. Market Chat

We discussed on GOLD being a favorite investment avenue nowadays. Surprisingly, even those not so savvy on investing, too talk about investing in gold. Many do not realise that gold investing is for long-term, carries risk of price depreciating as gold price is negatively correlated to stock market movements. Checkout the article attached gold_info.pdf    Gold_vs_stocks.pdf   and   commodity-info.pdf

Apart from being a NATURAL HEDGE against inflation, and the fact that demand always exceed supply, the following points are worthy to note :

  • invest in gold is for long-term (I believe even longer-term than unit trust
  • invest in companies (equities) with exposure in gold (example gold mining companies) better than investing directly in the commodity for two reasons – one, these companies are presently trading at 30% discount to gold price itself, and secondly, that the stocks/equities (of gold related companies) tend to move twice faster than gold price itself !
  • many “online” or internet scams on gold – be very careful
  • nowadays, the use tungsten coated with gold to take advantage of greedy gold investors. Apparently, even the goldsmiths get fooled. So, buy gold minted by government like our Kijang Emas by Bank Negara Malaysia or open Gold Investment Account with PBk.

Next, we discussed and made comparison between EPF, PNB, LTAT and TH as the government-linked fund management houses. I will not say much (as we did, during brainstorm) but I will highlight some facts below:

  • Total funds (EPF+PNB+LTAT+TH) = RM5 trillion vs KLCI RM750b
  • EPF only is about 60% of KLCI market capitalisation.

In terms of – Size, dividend @ 2008 :

  • EPF : RM356b .. div 4.5% in 2008 .. RM16b invested in US, Europe, Australia, Spore with RM4.69b losses (provision)
  • PNB : RM120b .. 6-8% in 2008 .. (All non-syariah funds)
  • LTAT : RM7.25b ..16% in 2008 (record peak div) ..(for army personnel only)
  • TH : RM21.4b .. div in 2008 5% (pilgrimage fund)

Refer article attached for details info_compare_epf-pnb-ltat-th.pdf

Jas : EPF has predicted that the 2009 dividend will be lower than that of 2008 .. So, invetors who wish better returns on the retirement funds should take advantage of the better return unit trust can deliver in these few years vis-a-vis the laggard EPF returns. The EPF contributors have a choice and must be responsible for their own retirement ! Jangan tunggu gomen nak suap dan subsidy all the time (sori, pedas sikit !)

Market Chat also looked at klci, dow jone & hang seng index technical movements. Check e-mail for latest stock market analysis (soon).

3. PM Berhad

Reminded that new funds promotion (PNREF) at 5% service charge ends 20 July 2009 whilst PCIF promotion will end 31 July 2009.

4. Sharing session

• Raimy on making RM100,000 per week the easy, weasy way

Sampai ketemu lagi.. over and out !

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