Justunittrust | Brainstorming 3 August 2009
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Brainstorming 3 August 2009

Brainstorming 3 August 2009


Salam to my dear Consultants and Investment Managers.

Leonardo da Vinci said “I have been impressed with the urgency of doing.. Knowing is not enough; we must apply.. Willing is not enough, we must do” 

Talking about urgency, I just watched “The Taking of Palhem 123” starring Denzel Washinton & Travolta – its about having only 60 minutes to save hostages (underground railway) and paying the bad guys USD10m ransom ! Imagine if we’re caught in such situation where every minute counts ! Imagine if we can run our daily activities with such urgency and priority, imagine if we are that desperate, how would we perform under such pressure ? All in all, it was an intense 90 minutes show and I highly recommend it !!! Go watch…

Guys, do you still remember our postponed Family Day ? Now, its confirmed on the 8 August 2009 (12pm – 7pm) at Kingfisher Campsite at Batu 14 1/2, Hulu Langat. All JUST Consultants and their family invited – just pay RM10/adult (also for children age 10 & above) and RM5/child (age below 10). We’ll have river side picnic (FREE MAKAN sponsored by AMs & GAM) and telematches lined up.. MUST come okay ? Please confirm your seats with Farehin 017-3104171 by Wednesday 5 August 2009.

So what did we discuss at our brainstorming 3 August 2009 ? Read on..

Attendees : don, maria, aisha, syed ali, raimy, intan sharizan, nazri, zamshary, juliana, hazah, arif, farah, baila, hasimah & jaslinah.


Kudos JUST Consultants ! We clocked in more than RM4 million sales for month of July 2009. Congrats to our top consultants :

1. MFGAM – Jaslinah RM666,532

2. MFAM category –  Farah RM470,599

2. MFAS category – Julianna RM163,630

3. MFA category – Zarina RM194,355

Overall our Top 10 (in sequence of sales ranking) – Farah, Nubaila, Arif, Hasimah, Zarina, Mazzura, Raimy, Julianna, Nazri & Syed Ali. I am so looking forward to August sales figures and am so sure all will do very well AGAIN. Do remember your Dubai-clock is ticking very fast ..tik tok tik tok tik tok…

Jas : FOCUS – DUBAI and KOREA….tak kelas la Bali !


a) TRAINING Session

Training on 8 August 2009 is cancelled.

Next training session for 2009 scheduled as follows :

  • Date : 15 August 2009 (time 9.30am – 1.00pm) : 

PM vs other Funds (tentative topic)

Corporate Presentation/Proposal (tentative topic)

  • Date : 10 & 24 October 2009 (time 9.30am – 1.00pm)
  • Date : 7 & 21 November (time 9.30am – 1.00pm)
  • Date : 19 December (Goal Setting)

No trainings during month of Ramadhan. All trainings will be conducted at PMB Cheras, Training Block (new) level 2.

Committee : nazri, zamshary, hazah & jas

b) JUST “P2” Session

Temporarily on hold.


We discussed the following :

a) Changes to Main – Second – MESDAQ boards wef 3 August 2009 :

  • Main Board & Second Board – now merged to MAIN BOARD
  • MESDAQ Board – now ACE BOARD
  • The changes will also see regulators (Securities Commission) passing of some responsibilities with regards to listing requirements pertaining business feasibility, to banks (sponsors)
  • The ACE Board – “access – certainty – efficient” will support more than just ICT companies and “Bio” companies.

b) Launch of ASM1 by PNB

  • opened to Bumis and Non-Bumis at fixed percentages
  • Bumi lots will be allocated to Non-Bumis after certain date (if there are balance)
  • Benchmark return is 5 years MGS (government bonds) at around 4+%  but returns possibly higher as ASM1 can invest in equities.
  • The ASM1 proceeds will help government fiscal stimulus package announced previously – possibly through the buying of government bonds.

Refer articles in The STAR  (Bizweek) Saturday 2 August 2009 for details on both topics discussed.


a) Public Mutual online services now can also be applied via PBe Banking – so investors need not apply in person at Public Banks or Public Mutual offices.

b) Funds declared dividends – ………………………………


Post-mortem Booth at USJ :

  • Farah – participating consultants must be punctual, once commitment is given. This is to assist other participating consultants and play fair.
  • Zarina – behave like consultants at booth, not like salesman – how you approach prospect and tools shown.
  • Jas : new tools (plans) used at booth, showed good response aas investors clearer and can appreciate their investment better This tools will be printed (better quality and appearence) and to be used as sales kit for other JUST consultants.

Jumpa kat Kingfisher, insyaAllah…

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