Justunittrust | Brainstorming – 10 August 2009
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Brainstorming – 10 August 2009

Brainstorming – 10 August 2009


Good day dear JUST Consultants and Investment Managers.

For things to change, I must change first.. As change is the only constant in life, so I choose to constantly evolve and transform.. To be better, and better each day at whatever and everything that I do..

Did you catch Transformer movie yet ? I did and definitely enjoyed the hour plus movie. Anything is possible when you believe, and this movie shows just that. Robots (mutant) have feelings, the dark and good sides, they interact with other beings and yes, if that’s not enough, you have to add a little extra flavor to the movie, by casting Megan Fox (just for the boys) !

The group have been busy too, running booth as Subang for the whole week followed by another 4 days, also in Subang. Good platform to get leads and prospecting, good platform to cure your shyness as well as fear. Definitely good platform and experience for new consultants to observe how the senior ones conduct prospecting. InsyaAllah more booths activities after Aidilfitri.

My sincere takziah to Aslan’s family, for the passing of his elder brother.

Congrats to Khairul Datran, on the new addition to the family. Also our Jameah’s new baby.

Get well soon to Aisha and Hasimah & daughter, Fatin.

Brainstorming 10 August 2009


a) TRAINING Session

Training on 15 August 2009 on “Corporate Prospecting & Proposal” – very happy that we had full house participation. Upcoming training (after Aidilfitri) or for Quarter 4, 2009:

  • 10 & 24 October
  • 7 & 21 November
  • 19 December (goal setting)

Committee : Nazri, Zamshary, Hazah & Jas

a) JUST “P2” Session

Temporarily on hold.


We discussed China vs US. Some points worthy to note :

  • China has proven many wrong – 6 months ago, many doubted that China is able to escape the global recession which is hitting hard on the doors of US, Europe and Japan.
  • China has shown resilient on the back of their fiscal stimulus of RM586b (over 2 years) and grew 7.9% in Q1’09 and expected to grow 8% overall for year 2009 with retail sales up 16%.  Obvious confidence in the economy (plus some speculative activities) is seen in its +80% rise in the Shanghai exchange (stocks) this year. With some concern over overheating issues simmering.
  • The US is predicted to contract overall -2.6% in 2009 by IMF.
  • The G8 countries (US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan & Russia) now being less “relevant” and that globally many are watching what’s evolving between the “G-2”  namely the US and China.
  • China getting more “influence” via representation (soon) in IMF and via purchase of US$50b IMF bonds.
  • Comparison between China and US :

Economy size – US at $14.4trillion (21% of global GDP), China at $4.4 trillion (6.4% of Global GDP)

Consumer spending – US’s 70% (before recession) economy, China’s only 40% of its economy

Savings rate : US now soared to 7% (previous almost 0%)

Per capita annual income : US $39,000 while China’s $6,000 (still poor).

  • China’s challenges : urbanization (population shifting from rural to cities), environmental degradation to name a few.


a) updates on Housing Loan Subsidy, Deceased’s MFAM’s beneficiary benefits, career benefit computation on daily NAV.

b) Will writing overiding commission.


Jas on the Iceberg Theory :

  • the 1/8th of iceberg is above water whilst the 7/8th (larger portion) submerged underwater – analogy of a consultant’s potential.
  • the law of vacum – empty space and thoughts must be input quickly with +ve things and ideas before -ve ones is stored in our sub-conscious minds and eventually influence our conscious mind.

Thats’ all for now folks !

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