Justunittrust | Brainstorming 24 August 2009
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Brainstorming 24 August 2009

Brainstorming 24 August 2009

Just . Unique . Savvy . Trustworthy

Alhamdulillah.. we meet Ramadhan again. A beautiful month where all good deeds are multiplied in returns and we are made to realise that all ill intention and doings come from within us. For this is the surest return on investment that Allah has promised us. So share and help as many people you can, guide them how they can lead a better life via good financial planning. This will lead to peace of mind and hopefully enable them to devote more time and effort to issues of the hereafter, especially as one grows more senior..

Attendees : Jaslinah, Hazah, Arif, Julianna, Raimy, Maimunah, Syed Ali, Rozita and Intan Shahrizan.

KA CHING !… the sound of duit-duit.. Unit Trust Consultants advised to submit as much sales (especially epf) by first week September. Usually there’ll be an interim payment before Aidilfitri based on basic commission on Personal Sales only. The rest (overriding on Personal and Group Sales shall be paid on 7 October – after Aidilfitri).

JUST Activities

  • Training on hold. We shall resume trainings on 10th October 2009 onwards.
  • Brainstorming sessions as usual every Monday 9.30am – 11.30am.
  • P2 Session on hold.
  • Calender Project and Sales Kit Project

Thanks to Raimy, Julianna, Nazri  for assistance. All Unit Trust consultants (JUST) welcome to forward pictures of candid moments of their children, themselves (preferably during childhood / teenage days) and parents to be incorporated in our SATU-calender. We have started the database collection and we really, really, really want others to participate in this project. Please forward  the pix to me at jaslinah_abdrahman@yahoo.com. Lets treasure those moments and share them with our investors and friends! Great giftfor your investors and prospects.

Market Intelligence Chat

  • With the global recession in US and Europe improving, many stock market around the world continue to gain momentum and recovery. Most bourses are at about half way from its peak late 2007/early 2008. Paul Krugman’s forecast of full recovery in 2 years’ time lend a good platform to bolster any consolidation in these bourses. Great time to accumulate wealth and relocate funds from non-performing investment. Also good time to move away from fixed rate, guaranteed or protected kind of investments.  Those with taste for far-east and China investments will also fair well as these economies ride the recovery in the US and European economies. Overall, good time for equity and commodity versus other form of investments.
  • The downside ? Not much I guess. So long as the Dow stays above 9000, all’s well. Just leave your unit trust investments in the good hands of PMB fund managers and reliable JUST consultants ! ..Equity markets will continue to precede forecast in economy, but the weak USD may cause inflationary pressure on prices of commodity. Since we have positioned “a Fund” just for this reason, investors can take advantage of the weakening of USD too !
  • Here’s the latest Monthly Funds Review and Asset Allocation as at July 2009. Noticeably our fund managers are moving up the equity exposure on most funds. And yes, our funds are racking in YTD (Jan – Jul) gains of more than +20%, those with China and Far-east clocking in above +30% and highest +88% !!! Investors do call 017-3104171 if interested in these funds. Financial Plans can be customized to suit your cashflow and parameters.

Also worth to note that some of our funds have large asset size above RM1billion – this shows that investors grow with PMB and trust in these funds are growing organically. Do note that our market share of the UT industry as at 30 June 2009 is 43% at RM30.6b. Huuuuge…

1. monthly funds review

(get them at PMB website : Unit Trust Product > Funds Review > View Report > July 2009)

2. asset allocation


PMB Development

  • Training

1. GAM Pat on 25 August, at Cheras 8 – 10pm

2. DISC and motivation at Cheras.

  • New Fund Briefing on 26 August – 3 sessions (10am / 3pm / 8pm) at all PMB branches
  • Cheras Leaders Meeting Updates

1. Better benefits (some highlights) – now deceased AM’s family also entitled (previous only GAM’s family), Career Benefit computation based on daily Asset Under Management. Get details from PMB memo.

2. The new KWSP 9N form – effective 1 November 200. Initially will be processed manually and subsequently “scanned” (automated) processing in December onwards. Looking forward to faster processing and earlier commission in year 2010 onwards. Good Stuff !

Sharing Session

  • Booth Scheme at Subang

Raimy as co-ordinator observed that crowd still attracted to “free gifts” attitude. As practised by booth scheme by Credit/Debit Card and Car Companies. Most are “hypnotised” into giving their information willingly for the sack of “free gift”. JUST Consultants to look into this issue for future booth scheme, bearing in mind that we’re in a regulated industry and that such activities too are “prohibited”. How can we use this tactfully and legally ?

Overall, the venue promises good leads and good crowd. Looking forward to participate in similar venue in the near future. Thank you to participating consultants and many thanks to Raimy for co-ordinating the event.

  • Taking over an investor’s portfolio from another consultant

Jas shared how to handle a unit trust portfolio which unit trust consultanst may inherit or take over – since many consultants may have left investors when investing over periods of 2007/2008, we may “inherit”or be asked to help with such investors’unpleasant experience of “dissapeared consultants”.. Some guidelines to share :

1. diagnose and review existing portfolio – check for degree of lossess and gains in existing investment. Get investors to call customer services between 9am – 5.30pm Monday – Friday to get information – date invest, amount invest and total units, and off course name of funds invested in.

2. get investor to be your investor for future ease in transaction and monitoring of portfolio – at least do an auto-debit or an epf transaction., This shows sincerity of investor and to have a relationship secured.

3. next, consultant have a choice to liquidate (especially if sufficient profit) or suggest other strategies – switching or maintaining funds. It is suggested where there’s sufficient profit, a redemption is easiest. Where the portfolio is still in red (loss), help to monitor ! Build trust first, give and thou shall receive.. when unsure what to do, always put yourself in the investors shoes.

Alrighty.. Salam berpuasa.. Selamat berterawikh.. Semoga amalan di bulan Ramadhan di berkati..

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