Justunittrust | Brainstorming 7 & 14 September 2009
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Brainstorming 7 & 14 September 2009

Brainstorming 7 & 14 September 2009

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Salam berpuasa, salam ramadhan semua….

Congrats to our Sales Performers for August 2009 :

MFAM : Arif (RM684,250) followed by Nubaila, Mai Farah and Hasimah.

MFAS (top 5) : Norizat (RM343450), Julianna, Zamshary, Nazri & Rusiah

MFA/MFASP (top 5) : Syed ALi (RM174,250), Yusof, Mazzura, Raimy & Zarina.

Awards (monthly) for August will be awarded to MFAM ARif & MFAS Norizat. KUDOS !!!

Welldone to our AS promotions : Raimy, Mazzura, Syed Ali & Yusof

We’ve also moved up the MONTHLY AWARD targets as follows :

MFAM RM350,000 Personal sales

MFAS RM250,000 Personal Sales

MFA/MFASP RM200,000 Personal Sales

A quick update on issues discussed on both brainstorming dates..

Market Intelligence

1.  ASM 1 Malaysia Fund by PNB – not receiving the responds expected due to its expected low return (benchmark in prospectus at MGS 5 years which is around 3.7% currently). To date only about 2 billion units subscribed. PNB target is 10 billion units by 30 September 2009.

The ASM 1 facts – 5th fixed price fund by PNB; allocated to 50% bumiputras – 30% chinese – 15% indian – 5% others. It is mandated as an Equity Income fund with subscription limits up to 30 September.

2.  Stronger Q2 profit for Malaysian corporates.

3. Malaysia worst-performing market in South-East Asia ad it is typically a defensive market. The KLCI targets  varies between fund houses, some of which are :

OSK (Eng) – range-bound trading near-term – FBM KLCI year end target 1265 for 2010. Its fair value level for 2009 to 1144.

CIMB (Wong) – overweight Malaysia – prefer cyclical sectors ( banking, construction, property, oil & gas) – target FBM KLCI year end @ 1240 points at PE 15x.

4. EPF equity losses “writebacks” due to recovery in equity markets and valuations. EPF fund has invested in overseas markets and local banking stocks rank high in its portfolio. It is reported that EPF invests heavily in Sime Darby, RHB Capital, TNB, Public Bank, Maybank & Bumi-Commerce Holdings.  Many research house predicts EPD dividend this year at 4.7%.  EPF funds size presently RM353.9b with RM93.9b in equities (26%) whicle the rest in bonds (especially government bonds RM97.46b or 27%), property and etc.

5. China market – fear of overheating and bubble in property & stock markets. Their government admitted but wants the market to “maintain” momentum via latest market development & deregulation, some of which are :

  • upward limit individual institutions’ quota raised from USD800m to USD1b.
  • reduce lock-up period for insurance funds, pension funds and open-ended China funds fro 1 year to 3 months only (may lead to higher turnover of stocks).
  •  open up investments to smaller institutions with min required investment ofUSD50m to USD20m.

JUST Activities

1. Brainstorming shall resume after raya on the 28th September 2009.

2. Training starts 10th October 2009.

PMB Updates

1. UTC Connect – to replace Agent Domain – new facelift and more interactive.

  • Consultants have to apply (forms at branches.
  • platform available to consultants (after receive password) in October 2009.

2. KWSP 9N – check out new forms at branches, to be use wef 1 November 2009.

3. Telemutual services – investors can only apply at branches (previously can use forms and consultants help submit)

4. PMOnline – can apply via PMB (ebanking, atm machine) and PBank

5. Forms Switching & Repurchase – all amendments MUST be signed by investors.

6. Discussed rebalancing for investors portfolio ahead of long raya break. Refer funds performance review & klci charts as guide (sent via e-mail).

Till we meet again… I take this opportunity to mohon forgivenes to all and Selamat Aidilfitri…

Makan lemang bersama rendang,

     Menyambut aidilfitri penuh riang,

Main mercun pasang pelita,

    Mohon kemaafan sesama kita.


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