Justunittrust | Brainstorming 28 september
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Brainstorming 28 september

Brainstorming 28 september

Just . Unique . Savvy . Trustworthy

Welcome back ! Quarter 4 here we come….

After almost 3 weeks of ketupat, lemang, rendang, kuih raya and duit raya gifting – lets shed those extra pounds by gearing up our sales activities. Let’s also recover back the duit raya..  Jom !

JUST Activities

  • Biz Preview starts 3 October at 10am (except days when there’s training)
  • Training starts 10 October 9.30am
  • Goal Setting 18 October 2009 (awal muharam) – leaders preparing for 2010 goal setting. Prepare to make yourselves available. That is if you’re serious about your dreams and life goals. Do you know there’s a huge gap between DREAMS and GOALS ?
  • Booth scheme – Klang (AEON, Bukit Raja) in December 2009 (week 1) and in Ampang in November 2009 (week 2). Those interested (not many seats left) do book your seats with farehin 017-3104171.

Market Intelligence

  • discuss about EKUINAS – Malaysia’s second government-linked asset management company (after PNB). The mandate is to purchase listed bumiputra companies (listed ones maybe). Issue about whether they will run the mandate objectively without giving reason to believe that its a bailout plan.

PMB development

  • new agent domain called UTC CONNECT – do apply.
  • IPP Training – comprehensive training as to how unit trust used in personal financial planning. The IPP is an effort by PMB Training department and run for 6 sessions. Cost RM80 per pax and presently running batch 4. Strongly recommended.

Sharing session

  • Jas re Cheras’s Leaders’ meeting on 18 September 2009.

That all for now folks ! Cheers.

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