Justunittrust | Brainstorming 5 October 2009
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Brainstorming 5 October 2009

Brainstorming 5 October 2009

“Think like a hero, work like an artist,

refuse to be ordinary and CELEBRATE !”

Who can you help today ? What else have I not tried, what other ways/tools can I use ? I deserve better and thus I refuse to be average ! I celebrate my investors, I celebrate my team members and all these brings JOY to me..

I count my blessings that I am not under makan-gaji, I am not reporting to any boss, I am MY OWN BOSS and I DECIDE to be motivated, to be successful and to be better and better everyday in whatever I do.. Alhamdulillah..

The JUST Team is currently ranked no 21 nationwide, not bad but not good enough either. FOCUS NUMBER 17 nationwide ! With 3 months to go, we set our sights and energy on RM5m per month in October, then November, and eventually December. InsyaAllah..

Did you check your NSC trip points thus far ? Where are you. I am Dubai-ed… most leaders Korea-ed while most full-time UTCs are still at Bali. Come on guys ! Kejar yeop, kejar…. full-timers at least Korea ! Leaders definitely Dubai ! Yes we can do it….

JUST Activities

  • AEON Bukit Raja, Klang confirmed in December 2009 – 7days. Consultants who are interested please book seats for RM20 per pax per day by 16 October 2009 to farehin on a first come first serve basis.
  • Ampang – tentatively 2nd week November – RM per pax to be advised.
  • Training 10 October and 24 October 9.30am – 12.30pm.

Market Intelligence

  • discussed equity levels and developments – KLCI, DJI, HSI (charts via e-mail)
  • discussed historically 70% probability the KLCI moved higher and ends high at Q4 – this is a strong selling point for investors who missed out lowest levels last year around Sept-Oct’08.
  • positive news -rising semi-conductor sales m-o-m to August 2009 by +5% although market jittery about US’s 26 yeas unemployment figure of 9.8%
  • outlook : US corporate Q3 earnings report and Malaysia budget at end Oct’09


  • Jas : DDI sales presentation “CLEAR” for more regular savings -illustration of cost of procrastination and investors psychology very good.

Hmm… how’s our performance in month of September 2009 ?

GAM – Jaslinah RMRM450,280

AM – Nubaila RM328,989 (leader) followed by Hasimah, Arif & Farah.

AS (top 5) – Nazri RM219,600 (leader) followed by Julianna, Shohaimay, Syed Ali & Raimy.

A & ASP (top 10) – Zarina RM112,700 (leader) followed by Adzroul, Nurul Aida, Azyrani, Zuraidah, Astina, Khairul Datran, Hashim, Maimunah & Faizal.

Note : no one qualified for the JUST monthly incentive this time around.

So, more info next time… keep in touch !

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