Justunittrust | Ciri-Ciri Leaders yang Hebat !
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Ciri-Ciri Leaders yang Hebat !

Ciri-Ciri Leaders yang Hebat !

Hello World !

I am back…

Salam and good day. I’ve been cyberly-away for quite awhile. So, I’m back and determine to stay connected via this e-world platform.

Honestly, saya orang yang agak buta IT, so banyak kena belajar untuk memajukan lagi business Unit Trust saya ke platform and level yang lebih tinggi. Nowadays, everything must look changgih and up to date. Zaman IT – semua nak cepat, segera & menarik.

Since blogging in 2009, my J.U.S.T have created 2 Group Agency Managers. To those yang new to Unit Trust business, GAM is the highest level a Unit Trust Consultant can achieve – its like being a CEO or Managing Director ! Well done and CONGRATULATIONS to Arif Ismail & Hasimah Muhammad. So today, let me share with you, ciri-ciri orang berjaya dalam business Unit Trust – based on my observation & experience with my 2 GAMs.

Specimen One : Arif Ismail, Group Agency Manager

Orangnye sangat Cool. This is his best strength. Very logical in thinking due to his many years of IT experience.  I have never, ever seen Arif loose his coolness. A very respectable figure within our group and beyond. A person with strong beliefs and not prejudice or judgemental. Orang yang sangat boleh dipercayai, reliable and likeable. Now, jangan prasangka, Arif’s wife is my ex-classmate from MRSM Trendak. As the saying goes, “Behind a great man, there’s a greater woman”.

Arif is focus, teachable and target oriented. Also, self-motivated and creative in his own ways; fulfilling criteria – Just (adil) + Unique + Savvy & Street-smart + Trustworthy semua ada…

Truly a “Rare Breed” and am so proud to be acquainted to the Caliph of Caliphs in PMB Unit Trust.

Specimen Two : Hasimah Muhammad, Group Agency Manager

She’s like my big kakak, although I call her by her first name, just to make her feel “younger” … Shima is a loving and a caring person, persistent and have high patience & tolerance when dealing with her team members and investors. Thus, making her likeable, reliable and genuine.

Cool “most of the time”, she’s eager to learn & willing to re-learn to better herself.  Always willing to share time & resources and definitely a valuable team player. Shima is market savvy and honestly, more IT savvy than me ! Shima is contoh yang baik for “kalau tak dipecahkan ruyung, manakan dapat sagunya” – dulu makan gaji, reporting to many bosses and working 9am – 9pm, sekarang dah jadi BOSS sendiri with flexibility in time & definitely income yang melebihi 5 kali ganda gaji kerja dolu-dolu. Combination yang sukar dicari = kerja kurang masa + gaji yang lebih.

Shima, you have “blossomed into a leader, definitely a true friend and have inspired many of us”. Thank you.

So, macam mana nak jadi GAM ? Bagaimana nak dapat income lebih, kerja kurang masa dan sentiasa happy & berasa muda ? Jadilah dan perolehilah ciri-cir Hasimah dan Arif.  Jom join J.U.S.T. and call me at +012-2037007 or +017-3104171 segera. This is definitely azam terbaik untuk tahun 2011 yang bakal menjelang.

cheers !

Jas Rahman

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