Justunittrust | Apa nombor anda ?
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Apa nombor anda ?

Apa nombor anda ?

Yup ! What’s your number ?

Which number – berat badan, tinggi, umur, akaun bank balance & pin number, or simply how much you need to retire in order to maintain your present lifestyle  ?

Today, we’ll look at your DESTINY NUNBER via a metaphysic approach. I’ve learnt this a few years back and its very interesting in insightful if used to just read a person’s character & personality; just to gauge & understand them a little better. Nevertheless, it is said that the level of knowledge, exposure, networking and spirituality does reshape the readings. So, try this out and maybe you’ll start to now yourself better. Use them with your unit trust client & investors and unit trust consultants – and hopefully we know them a little more than before….


  • Destiny Number (DN) reveals your personality, energy within.
  • Destiny Energy (DE) computed based on all the numbers in your date of birth, totalled up.

contoh : date of birth 18 February 1998

DN = (1+8) + 2 + (1+9 + 9+8)

= 9 + 2 + (27)

= 9 + 2 + (2+7)

= 9 + 2 + 9

= 20

= 2 + 0

= 2

In addition, you can also just use your birth date, here its = 1 and 8, or used as 1+8 = 9.

These numbers can also spell out a persons character.

Compute the numbers to arrive at a single number. Here the DN = 2…. The illustration of these numbers follow.

No 1, the leader

– natural independent leader; aggressive, determine. Can be forceful & demanding. Thus, they always stand out. But can be quite obstinate & feels they are always right, they must learn to consider & respect opinion of others.

No 2, the team player

– work well with people, teamwork and coorperative. Can be caring, romantic and demand strong dovetion and emotional sensitivity with close friends. When young they tend to be timid & fear, but these will change when knowledge and self-confidence develops.

No 3, the expressive

– lively & outgoing, fun, loving and charming people. They are very expressive, creative & artistic, loving outdoor and action oriented activities. Can be witty and communicate freely. Nevertheless, with their high enthusiasm, they may at times tend to scatter their talent.

No 4, the perfectionist

– a perfectionist, self-disciplined individual. Can be quite meticulous and love order & system. Have high standards set for themselves and those around them. So can be stressful for others as they can also be rigid, less creative as they tend to use logic and reasons in decision making.

No 5, the free-spirit

– freedom natured, magnetic, communicative & enthusiastic character. Prefer to learn by physically experiencing and dislikes routine work and lack continuity which may often scatter their talent.

No 6, the lover

– intellectually creative and imaginative, loving peace & harmony with surrounding environment & people. Tend to be family oriented, also sympathetic, responsible and loyal. Can also be conservative and some times over protective & possessive.

No 7, the thinker

– analytical and philosophical persons, intellectual, wise, deep thinker and possibly spiritual & intuitive in nature. They are at times reserved, selective in friends and dislike crowd and able to stand alone.

No 8, the financier

– good business minded individuals, make good managers and capable achieve money, power and great success in life. They seek financial security and buisness opportunities. Can be materialistics and overly ambitious.

No 9, the compassionate

– compassionate, philanthropic with selfless love. They have innate talent in art, music, literature. They are intelligent indivisuals that understand others’ needs & sufferings. They tend to be spiritual and have strong intuition.

There you go, try them out and definitely you will have better days as you understand why some people just behave the way they do. These numbers can also give insight to a person’s likes & dislikes.

How do we use it in unit trust biz ? The way I see it, a unit trust consultant should have all the 9 personalities. Thus, making unit trust biz appealing to almost everybody. A good unit trust consultant must have traits of  a leader, team player, able to communicate (expressive), loves freedom, occasionally perfectionist as well as a thinker, loving, compassionate and caring, and most of all love MONEY. To be an even better unit trust consultants, we must be able to wear each trait suitable to the situation – wearing many hats and using them according to season & circumstances.

Cuba lah !

Jas Rahman

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