Justunittrust | Degup Jantung Saham (ekuiti) Malaysia
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Degup Jantung Saham (ekuiti) Malaysia

Degup Jantung Saham (ekuiti) Malaysia

Salam. Today is 1 December 2010.

Time flies and looking at my to-do-list for 2010…. hmmm banyak lagi unresolve and tak sempat buat goals. Pasti kena carry forward lagi ke tahun 2011. Syukur masa masih ada dan mohon umur masih panjang…

Unit Trust Consultants and agent dari JUST-CALIPH-H had a field trip – melawat RHB Securities’s “Gallery” di HQ RHB, Jalan Tun Razak. We depart for RHB Securities right after brainstorming session Isnin lalu 29 November 2010. The “Gallery” is where kita boleh lihat sendiri dan rasa bagaimana pasaran saham Malaysia berdegup setiap saat dari jam 9.00am ke 5.00pm setiap Isnin hingga Jumaat. Although the “jantung” is at Bursa Malaysia, we are able to feel the ‘beat” louder and better at RHB Securities – As seen on TV.

We thank Vice President of RHB Securities – Mr Francis for a an interesting briefing and for willing to share with Public Mutual Unit Trust Consultants interesting comparison between being a Unit Trust Consultant from a Dealer or Remisier of a Stockbroking company. Obviously, a Unit Trust Consultant is able to sleep better at night being in a less risky business, especially when we do not have to come out with definite predictions of which stocks or shares can outperform and thereafter fix a target level. Our start-up cost of only RM250 is a far lower start-up capital of RM100,000. No wonder we heard of Remisiers committing suicide or being a bankrupt each time a recession hits. Phew ! Am glad I’ve chosen the Unit Trust industry which promises continuous growth in a sunrise industry. I am also not tied to a 9-5 deskjob. Ours are definitely more, more, more flexible. The Income’s not bad too ! Else I wouldn’t be here over 7 years since my banking job.

Enough comparison made. What did we observe and feel at RHB Securities ? We saw that more than 1000 stocks are listed on Bursa Malaysia, all displayed according to sectors, top gainers/loser, recommended or otherwise. The prices, volume, range of prices were displayed Real Time – incorporating transaction (buy/sell & price) done from the whole market. I wonder how its done and how its linked !

We were told that the research team is independent of the dealers & remisier, vice versa. Hmm .. Now there’s a provoking thought – we at PMB thinks coherently where our research team identifies potential investment to buy, does extensive research and does the necessary recommendation. Our fund managers will further digest the research & analysis and execute them as part of an overall plan for benefit of investors at large – altogether above 2 million account holders (corporate and retail) with asset above RM40 billion – which is coincidently 40% of market share and thus, securing us the No.1 position in the industry. Well done Unit Trust Consultants & Fund Managers.

What else did we see ? The shape of the “Gallery” – an octagon shaped hall which signifies the no. 8; an auspicious feng shui number. So now, going forward (whilst listening to my favorite radio station the BFM the “Bodek Free Media”) I heard analyst are looking forward to “window dressing” by year end – means market “sepatutnye” respond favorably. But am also aware that Hang Seng and Dow Jones hovering along support levels 23000 and 11000 needs our attention too… So do what’s best for our investors. Manage them case-to-case basis as each has different funds, profit and loss levels.

“Carilah ilmu sampai ke negara China” … tak payah naik kapal, belayar kapal macam Marco Polo & Laksama Cheng Ho… kita layari internet aje. We will identify next venue as field trip and as part of our continuous learning path…

Sebelum terlupa, sesiapa minat dengan building confidence dan cara mana bertutur in public yang professional dan teratur, jemputlah ke Malaysia Institute of Management (MIM), di Jalan Ampang untuk preview setiap Sabtu pertama, ketiga & kelima dari 9.30am-12.30pm. Bayar RM10 aje untuk cover makan anda. If suka bolehlah jadi ahli Toastmaster MIM dengan bayaran RM330 setahun + RM70 untuk nota. Kos yang sangat berpatutan, kalau attend seminar 3 atau 5 hari pun, perlu ribu ringgit (biasanya RM2000 ke atas)… Jom lah ! I’m attending the session sabtu ini 4 December 2010. Nak tahu lebih lagi ? Boleh sms saya +012-2037003.

Over & out !

Jas Rahman

  • Julianna Latif
    Posted at 00:12h, 02 December Reply

    so true,best rm250 ever spent!appreciate if u could share with us with how do you keep ur momentum going,coz mine is like a yo yo!

  • jaslinah
    Posted at 07:00h, 02 December Reply

    dear ju,
    some things that i think i have done to maintain that momentum :
    1. passion in the biz & team
    2. constantly motivating downlines, helps motivate me in return
    3. my readings & selected bfm radio sessions
    4. i have "me time" – paying attention to other interest & hobbies keeps me somewhat upbeat, busy & enthusiastic
    5. i have constantly upgrade my personal sales targets, and try to stay out of my comfort zone. Presently my target is RM500,000 above per month.

    hope they are useful…

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