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Jose Maurinho & Real Madrid

Jose Maurinho & Real Madrid

Saya bukan peminat football, soccer or bola sepak !

Nevertheless, recently I heard this over BFM89.9 and I think I’ve found a mentor – someone I can look up to, a leader and good example, someone so inspiring and equally interesting. I wish and dream that I too may someday be “Jas Rahman & Real JUST”… “Real” in Spanish is “Royal” so its actually the Royal Madrid. I recently visited Spain under PMB’s Group Agency Managers’ retreat to Barcelona & Madrid. In Madrid, we visited the Real Madrid’s football stadium and their football museum – they were AWESOME !

[In PMB, each year 25 of the top Group Agency Managers are given a special trip by the PMB. Presently there are over 360 Group Agency Managers in PMB]

Now, Nama sebenar Jose Mario dos Santos Felix Maurinho, son to a footballer turn coach. Started career sebagai footballer tetapi kurang menyerlah. So, Jose Maurinho decided at a very early age that dia akan jadi Football Coach tersohor di dunia. He is known as a true leader – you either love ’em or hate ’em. He’s famous for building high performance team – Chelsea, Porto, Inter Milan and now Real Madrid.

I ran a quick metaphysics check on his birthdate – 26 January 1963 and discovered  that he is born to lead, very independent, intelligent and also pandai berkata-kata and involved with many people. His main characters are  :

Core= 1 (located at sudut terbawah segitiga) – Sendiri – tidak bergantung pada orang lain (independent), pemimpin, bijaksana, menarik pendengki & cemburu

Sub-Core = 2 (located atas kepala segitiga) – Kekuatan pada mulut – bercakap, banyak cakap, lembut hati, menarik wanita/lelaki

Seterusnya, saya dengar dan teliti content and analisa on Maurinho. He has a Phd, is fluent in 17 languages, he is very intelligent and focus (“Work hard and work smart”), off course well-dressed (alwiz in his Armani suit), there’s his looks ! And this is a guy respected by his team, his competitors and in a recent poll as to “Who you wish is your Boss” done in US, Maurinho beats Obama, Jamie Oliver, and many other celebrity & public figure. I guess, everyone one or at least dreams to be in a high performance team !

Here are 8 things Jose Maurinho does well in building his team of high performance football players are :

  1. Maurinho is focused on winning – determine to be the best football coach and building his high performance team. Even after a defeated match (which he has but few), his team is able to bounce back, recover & play well as soon as the second half of their games.
  2. Maurinho is clever at building strong bonding – as he fluently speaks 17 languages, he builds strong rapport & eventually relationship with his team. Everyone feels like part of the team – even the stadium gate keepers, the kitchen help etc. His players regard him as “their father”, some admitted that their training session are intense but not tiring as Maurinho handles the training well.
  3. Maurinho acts as a secure base – players come back to him and they know that Maurinho will stick his neck out to defend his players (sometimes even when they do wrong). He shelters the team and helps sway pressure on his players.
  4. Maurinho handles & resolves conflict – he puts the issue on the table and sort them out. His criticism are positive, focus to encourage not condemn.
  5. Maurinho has good dialogue & communication – knowing 17 languages help but more importantly is how he speaks them. He is able to motivate, encourage via dialogue and many story telling. Often with a clear goal in mind.
  6. Maurinho negotiates – To influence, persuade and not to force. He doesn’t shout at his players, even in their locker room – he practices persuasion & influence as he respects his world class players. (although he can be emotional with the opposition, journalist and others). This way each player understands how to play their role better as a team.
  7. Maurinho leverages on strength – knowing each players strength & weaknesses. and making sure all players understand each others strength & weaknesses. This way each player understands what to do and not do when they are on the filed as a team. Quit at things you’re not good at, and focus on things you are good at.
  8. Maurinho manages emotions and maintains high energy – pushing his players hard, out of their comfort zone into a higher zone. He understands each players potential and thus constantly pushing them to their highest potential.

There you go, the 8 ingredients or secret recipe put into a high performance team.

Back home in unit trust biz, with my JUST-CALIPH-H, we try to embrace and practice the above. All our unit trust consultants must trust their leaders enough and vice versa. We avoid negative criticism and want all our unit trust consultants to excel – we have healthy competition amongst ourselves and benchmark others’s performance. We recognize good performance and track them weekly & monthly. Above all, we salute and respect consistent good performers and we know what our potential, our strength & where our weakness lies. We have constant dialogue and I believe we have good communication and feedback system. We never force our unit trust consultants but use persuasion and influence each one, and constantly remind them of their potential and strengths. After all, this biz is more about agency building than otherwise.

Selamat Awal Muharram – may you enter the new year with positive energy and stronger determination and desire to excel !!!

Good bye 1431 Hijrah… Islamic months begin at sunset, on the day when the lunar crescent is visually sighted. So our Awal Muharam starts approximately 7.03pm today.

Jas Rahman


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