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Tunjuk Ajarku, Sifu – Sifu Kedua

Tunjuk Ajarku, Sifu – Sifu Kedua

Words of Wisdom by Three Wise Men – Part 2

Wise Man No. 2 – GAM Raymond Chan “The X-Factor”

One of the senior sifu in PMB – joined 1994 after being retrenched by company.

“Success is something that you don’t chase,

it’s something that you attract”

1. Suggested books – Top Secret Tales of WW II – William B. Breuet, Jim Ron books (mentor of Anthony Robins), Brian Tracy (Eat a Frog, Flight Plan)

2. Admires Idris Jala and his magic done to restructure MAS.

3. Philosophies in life :

  • In biz, give all that you believe – you actions must be in line with your beliefs
  • Leaders must be great influencer
  • Doing things the right way
  • Consistency in leadership
  • Even if you didn’t plan your life, but by consistently refining and doing things better each time, will lead you to success. Seuccess become a default when you put your all in life !
  • Do not beat or compete with others, but just to be YOUR BEST, by doing your best all time, every time possible
  • There’s always something to learn from another – upline, downline, sideline…even from children
  • Learn and practice ranking – Idris Jalal rank schools, police stations – no one wants to be ranked last
  • Passion in learning, sharing and giving
  • Be a humble KING

4. Mentors – various including Brian Tracy (a must for every new unit trust consultant – get CD “Learning how to sell” or better the books)

5. New Unit Trust Agents – step 1, learn to sell.  Step 2 – learn to be a leader.

6. Feedback is important – especially from new recruits. New Unit trust consultants MUST FEEL comfortable with leaders

7. Touch the heart of someone – with your stories, learn to tell heart-breaking stories.

8. Start today and stay true & committed

9. You must want to develop yourself

10. Time management – do 3 bigs things a day,

11.   Give people hope & confidence – never criticise

12. Decision making

  • What to do when you don’t know what to do ?   Just be SILENT….
  • things turn from white (innocent) to grey then black. In deciding, never stay too long in the grey area, it’ll turn you black. If in grey area, never decide yourself, rather get others (more people) to decide as a team.

13. Dont bark and complaint – but feedback to the right person

Jas Rahman


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