Justunittrust | Tunjuk Ajarku, Sifu – Third Wise Man
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Tunjuk Ajarku, Sifu – Third Wise Man

Tunjuk Ajarku, Sifu – Third Wise Man

Words of Wisdom by Three Wise Men – Part 3

Wise Man No. 3 – GAM Palaniandy “the IRON CHEF”

A MAS Flying Chef turned GAM, PMB. Joined PMB many years ago and ranked top GAM Klang year 203 to 2008)

“If you can eat ikan Cod, why settle for ikan kembong ?

Enjoy life”

1. Everyone needs to take their VITAMIN – M   (Money)

2. Most of our sales problem is that – we find it difficult to “just ASK”

3. Must see videos – Bricklayer (Bangladesh) and Lion remembers love (both downloadable from YouTube) Bricklayer (Bangladesh) and Lion  remembers Love

4. Balance your life

5. Understand and create and focus activities within these 3 combo : Investors -Me – Group

6. Strategies on Personal sales :

  • initially do direct approach, then stay at referrals
  • dont target your market – do all
  • sales activities via sahring – free corporate talks and financial planning awareness

7. Strategies for group sales :

  • roadshow
  • sales technique coaching
  • PMB training
  • do recruitment to intensify group sales

8. How to handle “sleeping unit trust consultants ? Just call them and encourage them – give them a wake up call, ALARM CLOCK. But given time, if no response – give them THE BLANKET – let them sleep better.

Jas Rahman


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