Justunittrust | Tunjuk Ajarku, Sifu – Wise Man 1
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Tunjuk Ajarku, Sifu – Wise Man 1

Tunjuk Ajarku, Sifu – Wise Man 1

Words of Wisdom by Three Wise Men

Euphoria !  Probably this is how I can sum up how I felt yesterday. Many of us attending a sharing session at our Bangsar branch by – GAM Rodaini, GAM Raymond and GAM Palaniandy. Semuanya sifu-sifu belaka. It was a “tunjuk ajarku, sifu” session and all three sifu gave generously…

Wise Man No. 1 – GAM Rodaini “The Magic of Recruitment”

1. Recruitment is like having 200 rented properties – all generating rental income at the least possible cost and risk

2. Unit Trust is a unique business where, we can sell ONE PRODUCT (unit trust) many, many, many times (as often as every 3 bulan) – unlike selling cars, houses, books, MLM producst.

3. “An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory”.

If I may add….

“Action speaks louder than words” and “A picture is worth more than a thousand words” – so, talk or speak less, just do it and show me RESULTS !

4. Recruitment MAGIC

  • build empire – Net Asset Value gives you passive income or DIAM-DIAM INCOME – macam dapat pencen segera. Di PMB passive income dibayar after joining 6 months. This is income tambahan selain commission asas.Kerja gomen 30 tahun, gaji tamat RM3,000 so gaji pencen RM1,500. Di PMB, kerja 6 bulan (tiap-tiap bulan dapat income) and extra income (pendapatan pencen segera) right after bulan ke enam !
  • sharing of wealth, knowledge for those yang lapar dan dahaga untuk wang dan pengetahuan.
  • biz Unit Trust mudah, jauh lebih mudah dari insurans – biz insuran, closing rate very low, process sales yang panjang) dan kadar “lapses” (orang tak bayar premium) yang tinggi.
  • biz Unit Trust sangat praktikal, logikal dan besar potensi
  • biz Unit Trust secara “sharing of education” instead of selling or pushing product semata-mata adalah cara baik.

4. Carta Potensi Pendapatan – download disini (dalam progress)

5. Recruitment “killer words” – “pencen income”(pension scheme), small daily sales to build EMPIRE, working in a time bomb (anytime company can bungkus or staffs are retrenched) without mercy…

6. Quality Unit Trust Consultants – prspect :

  • life insurance agents
  • car sales person
  • pensioners
  • people from sales line
  • early retirement – MSS, VSS
  • credit card sales men
  • enthusiastic MNC employees (part-time income) private sector employees.

Jas Rahman


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