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Semangat Baru Membara

Semangat Baru Membara

Syukur… Selesai sudah sessi Goal Setting 2011 JUST-Caliph-HC…

Pada tanggal 8 Januari 2011, seramai 107 consultants renewed their vows, revived their semangat and start to chart their path for 2011 ! They chart their “roadmap to succeed” in unit trust business and made a promise to themselves that they deserve to DREAM BIG and have BOLD and BEAUTIFUL ambitions in life. That each of our family deserve a more fulfilling life, if we have the means and resources and know-how…

We started the day with energy boosting breakfast and a little dance routine to warm-up. Then “Cikgu” help us set our compass right – tanam niat yang betul. Our branch manager Mr Khoo started the first session with recognition of our unit trust consultants performance for year 2010. Congrats guys ! (download List of Top Producers and 2011 Promotion & NSC information here)

Then the navigation started with an inspiring Q&A session – sharing by Group Agency Managers Rodaini and Shaari. Sama segak dan hebat – contoh baik to us all, as to what the “picture of success” looks like. Guess what ? It’s achievable, believable and so touchable that all of us can succeed like Shaari and Rodaini with the right attitude, training, practice, motivation, discipline and perseverance.

Next, we updated ourselves with latest tax issues and computation – thanks to Puan Mimihiryani, tax consultant. In addition, we seek “pendapatan nan berkat” via zakat pendapatan. This cleansing of income session was conducted by Encik Fadhil & Encik Kamarul of Pusat Zakat Selangor (PPZS). Session was spiritually motivating and interesting ! (download Income Tax notes and Zakat notes here)

Lunch was equally rewarding ! Nasi tomato set gave us the extra ummph ! for the afternoon session. Any roadmap and action plan requires vitamin M, so we next look into our purses & wallets 🙂 . Business people start with how much to spend, then strategize how to earn the income. Unlike those under “makan gaji” they receive gaji first then plan how to spend. So spending sentiasa terhad by how much gaji they receive monthly.

Each of us must be “Out of masing-masing’s” comfort zone. When we’re uncomfortable, we work smarter, harder and push our capabilities further. With being uncomfortable – comes creativity and solutions to perform better. We constantly push our limits further – to be a “better person” and constantly outperform ourselves, and perhaps others.

We had a third Group Agency Manager – KK Chin who shared with us importance of setting goals, having them written down, making them visual and constantly reminding our senses (and mind) of what we aspire to achieve in life. KK Chin – one of the sort after GAMs in PMB shared unconditionally from the heart.

The rest of the Goals Setting Committee gave their all and unconditional support today. Well done and thank you – Jasma, Adam, Amir, Aishah, Zarina, Julianna, Shohaimay, Nazri, Raimy, Nubaila, Mai Farah, Hazah, Hasimah, Arif and myself for your generous contribution and time. Thank you AWESOME speakers and participants.

Oh wow ! You just gotta be here with us to experience it all. Next year perhaps ?

But meanwhile, contact us for preview or meet us at our weekly sessions. The JUST-Caliph-HC 2011 calendar (version 1.1) of activities can be downloaded here. Other relevant information –New Campaigns by PMB, New Promotion Quota, NSC Trip as illustrated by AM Farah can be downloaded here.

Jas Rahman

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