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Malu Tapi Mahu

Malu Tapi Mahu

Do you dream of a happy and fulfilling life? Can you imagine feeling happy with millions in bank account or a stretch of rumah sewa? Can you imagine having that great body and physique, feeling healthy and enthusiastic about your life ? And for some all the material things in the world ain’t matter – being able to do stuffs that they‘re passionate or deeply concerned about, gives them the utmost pleasure.

So many Unit Trust Consultants claimed that the ONE greatest setback in unit trust business is being MALU, TAKUT or FEAR and thus, resulting in LOW SELF-CONFIDENCE (they are so inter-related that I call them ONE). Ya ke ? We demo that some Group Agency Managers are shy too but have strong self confidence within them to succeed and maintain their performance. Believe me all this can be overcomed with one single attitude – DESIRE or KEMAHUAN. Thus, the Malay proverb “Kalau mahu, mesti ada jalan” (something like that). This issue is not unique to just unit trust business, it’s universal. So if you can conquer your MALU, FEAR and LOW SELF ESTEEM, they say the world is at your feet ! So, let’s try to help ourselves here…

The simplest thing to do is to have a JUST DO IT attitude. This single “UBAT KUAT” to overcome being shy, fearful and low self esteem is the most street-smart way – learning through experience. Remember to reserve room and space in your heart and always have a positive mind to constantly improve, improvise and be better and better every time you JUST DO IT.

The more textbook (theory and methodological way) is what follows next.

Step one is to realise the problem – sentiasa malu/fear or kadang-kadang (with certain people only or in unique situation), kenapa rasa begitu (lack knowledge, kurang cantik or handsome). Usually the reason is because “kita kekurangan sesuatu” – kurang wang, kurang cantik or handsome, kurang pelajaran dan ilmu, kurang pengalaman. Betul tak ?

Step two – the ACTION PLAN – the how and what to do.

But remember whatever action plan you put in place, the one most important thing is that you want it bad enough, the ATTITUDE must be right – willing to learn and do, have the discipline and consistency. The “desire” (push factor) must be accompanied by “why you need it” or the results (pull factor). Both “desire” (kemahuan or feeling terdesak) and “result” (hasil) must be strong enough – working like a magnet and creating that extraordinary ENERGY to drive you. So that no matter what, we bounce back automatically each time we remember the “desire” and “result” and ultimately perfect the game until we win.

Sometimes, there’s a bigger fear or malu that push us harder. Contohnya, kalau kita hidup senang dan mewah, perasaan fear if semua kemewahan itu hilang mungkin terlalu besar, sehinggakan kita sanggup bekerja lebih kuat. Kekadang, ini membuat kita lakukan perkara-perkara menyalahi undang-undang. We have seen many of similar situations in our daily lives and in unit trust business. Betul ?

The Action Plan

1. Create a Mantra “I can do this”, “I look great”, “I have something to offer” – repeat ‘em like self talk. This affirmations will encourage your inner self. Remember the mantra must be in positive as the mind can faham one instruction. So, jangan self talk “Saya tak gemuk” but say “Saya segak dan menarik”. Fikirkan “BOLEH”. This is like a self-fulfilling prophecy, like doa.


Tips : Pakaian menarik dan badan sihat can immediately build confidence. Jadi perlu jaga makan, bersenam selalu, tidur dan rehat yang cukup serta beli dan pakai pakaian yang sesuai dengan badan kita dan majlis yang dihadiri. Sometimes good to imagine the pakaian yang investor suka. Jumpa client ustadz – pakailah pakaian yang sopan, meeting dengan CEO, pakai attire yang professional dan berkualiti. Datang meeting or brainstorming – pakailah pakaian kemas dan professional looking.

2. Build self confidence – focus on what you have achieved, of your strength, not focus on kelemahan dan kekurangan. No ones perfect and everyone has some sort of flaw in ‘em. So why let your flaw be the focus ? Focus on what you’re good at. Its good to admit our kekurangan and gradually eliminate ‘em.

Tips : Selalu ingatkan diri, that you need only know 10% more than the prospect, not 100% more ! If you don’t have the answer, always inform prospect client that “I will check for you” and inform prospect later. Jangan kata “tak tahu dan tak mahu find out” ! Show some initiative.
Cuba something new, something daring that can provide an endorphin rush – it’ll give you great courage to do other things in a big way. Try paragliding, horse-riding or talk to that comel girl or handsome guy. Just do it.

3. Berkawan dengan rakan-rakan yang positive, encouraging and progressive. Think logically and less emotionally (memang sukar tapi boleh dilaksanakan) – jangan mudah melenting, relax, beri masa, then bertanya and respond. Mulut pun jangan laser ! Fikir sebelum berkata. If you don’t have anything good to say, just SHUT UP !

Tips : If you are new to unit trust business – stay away from orang-orang yang negative and those yang sentiasa bersungut dan complaint sokmo. Their negative energy mungkin erode (hakis) your positive energy yang baru nak develop. Stay away from Ah Bad, Mr loose-loose, Puan Gossip dan Encik Tak-Apa-Dah-Takdir.
When prospecting – you identify a suspect; try small talks or chats related to your unit trust business. Don’t be too direct – talk about escalating education cost or harga roti canai sekarang berbanding 10 tahun dulu. Gauge their response, any problems to solve? Then slowly masukkan solution via unit trust investmentand financial planning to help solve their problem. Never sell anything – just show them the solutions. Don’t force (hard sell) but share information and solution.

4. Visualize – bayangkan situasi yang bakal membawa perasaan malu/takut. In your “mind’s eye”, bayangkan anda confident. Sentiasa bayangkan situasi ini – at least 2 kali sehari, especially awal pagi when the mind is fresh. Para athlete yang berjaya memang gunakan teknik visualization.

Tips : If sukar untuk visualize (imagine dalam kepala) – cuba tulis berulang kali atas kertas. Pastikan ayat ditulis consistent dan dalam bentuk “sudah dapat”. Contoh – “It is 31 December 2011, my unit trust business income earned is RM100,000 per month with 100 super sales consultants”. Also learn to be specific when you visualize. Be careful what you ask for “What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you become”. You can also add pictures to help your visualization process – goals book & goals board can help make it real.

5. Be approachable – look and act it (body language). This is simple to do – just smile and make eye contact. When we smile, we acknowledge others and give others opportunity to break the ice and be comfortable.

Practice good body posture and breath – just stand tall.

Practice speaking clearly – pace your speech, use the right tone (avoid mumbling or tone yang terlalu rendah). Do remember your body gesture also speaks and communicate. So make sure they synchronise and aligned to the subject matter communicated.

Tips : Its easier to smile than frown – as smiling requires less facial muscle. It helps us to feel calm and more relaxed. Put a genuine smile – jangan senyum “perli” or “terpaksa”. Do remember to laugh occasionally when genuinely amused.
Its good to mirror body gesture of your prospect – this helps alignment between you and prospect.
Try to tone your vocals similar to your prospect and always “say their name” – they’ll like you better this way.
To learn to speak effectively – join Toastmasters di MIM, Jalan Ampang.


6. Practice chunking – set overall goal or target then focus on small, daily accomplishments. This chunking methods will make big goals achievable.

Tips : Set daily (small) targets for our Los Angeles trip (Yes ! we go to Los Angeles for FREE). Here’s how. To achieve RM2,875,000 sales per year, you just focus on RM12,000 per day ! That’s 1 or 2 investors per day. For some its half or quarter an investor.

Sales per day (FOCUS) = 2,875,000 / (52 weeks x 5 days)   = RM11,058 (round up to RM12,000)

7. Get organised – plan your daily activities and prioritize ‘em. Do the “important” task first. What’s important and urgent for your unit trust business ? Is it sales or recruitment first ? Is it investor A or investor B. By training to do important & urgent task first, we train ourselves to be action orientated, eliminating emotional (fear/malu) to dictate our daily activities.

Is it sales or recruitment first ? Is it investor A or investor B. By training to do important & urgent task first, we train ourselves to be action orientated, eliminating emotional (fear/malu) to dictate our daily activities.

8. Be yourself only better – we don’t have to compare ourselves with others – we just got to compare ourselves-now with ourselves-5 years ago. Its the people you meet and books you read that will decide where or who you are, 5 years from now. Agree ?

Tips : Iqra’ – bacalah dan timba ilmu. Berkawan dengan orang yang berfaedah, bukan untuk seronok sokmo sahaja. Kalau tak sempat membaca – beli dan pasang cd (cakera padat) berkenaan motivasi, self-improvement dan dengarlah station radio BFM 89.9 especially jam 11am – Raise Your Game.

9. Follow the rules but don’t overdo it – learn to relax and think outside the box. Belajar konsep, then accessorize ‘em with your style. Kalau takde style, barulah chiplak habis. Also don’t be overly obsessed with certain rules and jangan ikut membabi buta.


Tips : Orang kata Steve Jobs is good at “copy – add value – paste”. Jangan chiplak terus, cubalah tambah-nilai sikit.


10. Practice makes perfect. Off course no one’s perfect, but by practising a certain skill or knowledge kerap dan consistently – it becomes your habit. Eventually the habit becomes natural and sebati dengan diri kita. Its like watching horror movies, for some its addictive and without fear (for me – its scary and very uneasy and I do not enjoy it). Be mindful that you don’t go around scaring people and looking horrific yourself !

Tips : Cuba practice dengan rakan – presentation skills & product knowledge. Ask for positive feedback from good friends or seniors to improve ourselves. Dan jangan emosi or overly focus on the feedback. Terima dengan hati terbuka dan rela.
Ingat, pelakon-pelakon pun terpaksa practice watak yang pelbagai until their acting is so real and believable, dan menang award ! “Fake it till you make it”.

Well. There you go – 10 methods to overcome the ONE (malu + takut +  low kurang keyakinan). Do remember, being shy can be “classy” and sophisticated at times. If you’re naturally shy, just remember you can continue being shy (if you like it) but just know when to un-shy yourself.

Harap-harap anda seronok baca dan apply.

Jas Rahman

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