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Kota Bharu & Batik Baru

Kota Bharu & Batik Baru

Yup ! A trip to Kota Bharu 17 & 18 March 2011. A nice place to relax and pleasant semi-kampung view and definitely fresher air vis-a-vis kl. Definitely less traffic on the road, nice & friendly people and given more time, I wud’ve borong more batiks at the local bazaar.

My observation at the bazaar – the batik industry has evolved. A kl lass like me was spoilt with choices – crepe, batik lukis and even batik digital to name a few. You just gotta be there to absorb the color and variety – truly a testimony of Malaysian creativity. And need I mention the price ? Awesomely affordable… So do include Kota Bharu in your places-to-visit-list.

I was there to conduct a Biz Preview and a Sales Workshop – focus how to boost EPF sales. Download them here !

Salam & glad to share with KB UTCs. Jumpa di Los Angeles !

Puan Abby, thanks for the hospitality and kind treatment.

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