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Demam F1 Unit Trust Consultants

Demam F1 Unit Trust Consultants

Zzzzoooooooom …  there goes our Quarter 1 of twenty-eleven.

So fast one ah ?

How does it feel knowing that there’s only 9 months to go – approximately 180 working days (9mths x 20days) before year ends ? The J.U.S.T Consultants have clocked in almost RM8.5m for the first quarter. My Super Sales Unit Trust Consultants ranking for Quarter 1 of 2011 are as follows :

Good Job guys & gals ! Let’s all outperform our Q1’2011 performance and raise our benchmark… MFAS Unit Trust Consultants do keep track of your recruitment and never loose sight of consistent personal sales. MFA Unit Trust Consultants – scale up your personal sales. You only need to push and sustain your momentum at gear 3 for 3 exact months. Thereafter, the drive should be smooth and comfortable. Make sure you continue attending Coaching and Brainstorming sessions.

Remember that your Los Angeles FREE ticket awaits you in May 2012 – just FOCUS RM16,000 per day ! (assume no Kickstart Campaign).

For the records – MFGAM Jas and MFAM Farah clocked in RM1.5m and RM1.1m each for Q1’2011.

Happy Q2’2011 and remember “RAISE YOUR BENCHMARK”… Everyone play to win, so play the game with smart strategies and sustainable stamina. Cut down on lepak activities where the typical agendas are – gossips, kepochi-ing, complaints. All these will lead you to eventually live a life full of excuses, blames and self-pity…

Instead, spend more time on brainstorming sessions and discussing how to be more productive, effective and prosperous ! May the FORCE be with you…

  • Ida
    Posted at 03:49h, 12 April Reply

    cayok! cayok!
    LA sudah melambai2 tu… 🙂

  • jaslinah
    Posted at 23:37h, 16 April Reply

    gud to hear from you ida.
    Yes LA here we come !

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