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New Tools – PMB Funds

New Tools – PMB Funds

Occasionally we have to sharpen our tools in the shack.

I have designed a new illustration of our funds – all 55 of ’em. And as i promised (during our coaching session 7 May 2011 when discussing “UT vs ASB vs ASB Loan”), the diagrams can be downloaded here. Just hang on a minute, and appreciate some important points about PMB and PMB funds.

Feature 1 : Number 1

This means

  • most awarded Unit Trust Company & Funds (above 100 awards)
  • largest Private UTMC RM40b in size of funds managed
  • above 40% market share
  • largest pool of Unit Trust Consultants
  • largest number of accountholders; above 2 million

The Value & Benefits

  • Large funds – provides economies of scale ie. able employ best fund managers and best technology & research. Also able to lower cost per transaction (investment, administration, value added features)
  • Brand recognition – endorsed by large number of investors due to consistent good performance. Thus, its a well-known and trusted brand. Also that funds are very marketable and easy to sell.
  • Sufficient size of funds to invest overseas and engage quality external fund managers and market research
  • Continuity and security – Unit Trust Company will be difficult to be taken over by other Unit Trust Management Company (less likely of disruption in funds management and investment strategies & mandate in the hands of different fund managers as in the case of mergers and acquisition). And it is easily recognized by global players and foreigners when investing in Malaysia.

Feature 2 : Large Number of Funds

This means

  • 55 total funds (22 Syariah Unit Trust Funds)
  • 21 total funds eligible for E*F Scheme (9 Syariah Unit Trust Funds)

The Value & Benefit

  • ample choice to choose
  • variety of funds to suit different risk profile and meet different financial planning needs of investors
  • easier to apply unit trust investment strategies of – tactical allocation and diversification

Feature 3 : Lower Service Charge of 5.5% cash & 3% E*F

This means

  • Easier break even and profit faster from investment
  • Quality funds with 5 star quality at competitive cost

The Value & Benefit

  • value for money without compromising on quality

Feature 4 : Value Added – various

Example for Mutual Gold & Mutual Gold Elite investors

  • Free insurance
  • Free will & wasiat writing service
  • Free Trust Nomination services

So I guess the grass is definitely GREENER here !

Now, you can have the PMB Funds 2D illustration.

P/S Coaching materials “UT vs ASB vs ASBLoan” still in progress. Sabar ye…

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