Justunittrust | Bintang dicipta bukan dilahirkan
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Bintang dicipta bukan dilahirkan

Bintang dicipta bukan dilahirkan


I’ve always said that if its important enough, it should be documented in Wikipedia. And guess what, after recently hearing David Teoh, CEO of Metrowealth International Group on air (BFM89.9), I googled and true enough, found him on Wikipedia. Familiar with movies – Remp-it, Susuk and Jangan Pandang Belakang Congkak, David’s the guy who produced these movies. According to the intervew on BFM 89.9, David concurrently produces 2 movies per month and likened that his movie making to tofu making. Fast yet full of quality (khasiat tofu). David also discovered talents such as Maya Karin, Lisa Surihani, and many similar faces. And I like he’s quote “Bintang dicipta, bukan dilahirkan”. So, do you believe that talent is developed and not born. I do believe that everyone has talent and special skills which boleh digilap, di develop dan di asah and di perhebatkan. The challenge is “we don’t know what we’re good at, or for ?” So susah sikit nak develop, gilap dan asah.

Which brings me to the question and realization that Katy Perry’s Fireworks song’s lyrics…

“Do you ever feel like a plastic bag. Drifting through the wind. Wanting to start again.

Do you ever feel, feel so paper thin. Like a house of cards. One blow from caving in.

Do you ever feel already buried deep. Six feet under, scream. But no one seems to hear a thing”

So let me reveal our talented Unit Trust Consultants’ ranking in April 2011 which totaled RM3.624m. Good job to our Top 10 Personal Sales produces by rank :

Leaders did well to – MFGAM Jaslinah and MFAM Farah produces Personal Sales RM603,400 and RM319,589 for month of April 2011.

And congratulation to Siti Salehatun, from May onwards you’ve graduated from MFAS School to MFAM High School.

Some of these talents are home grown. Whereas some are half-cooked, we only added some encouragement and conviction.

In my humble conclusion – Leaders should help identify talent and develop their skills, whilst followers (downlines) should be teachable and embrace the relationship pro-actively.

Bon Voyage NSC-JUST Qualifiers ! Selamat berangkat dan bercuti sakan (all paid + 5 star accomodation) to New Zealand, Beijing & Phuket. Well deserved…

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