Justunittrust | Overcome Fear – Lessons from POTC 4 and Bunggeee…
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Overcome Fear – Lessons from POTC 4 and Bunggeee…

Overcome Fear – Lessons from POTC 4 and Bunggeee…

Pirates of the Caribbean – On Stranger Tides (POTC), Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) jumped off the cliff in the quest to find the “Fountain of Youth”. Hmm the scene is so similar to a bungy jumping experience I recently had at Taupo, New Zealand.

And I’m gonna tell you why. How does swashbuckling & cliff jumping from POTC 4, bungy jump at Taupo and our unit trust business look so familiar ? The more I think about it, the more similar they all look and feel.

And guess what ! I’ve done them all…

Our recent New Zealand trip (with Public Mutual Berhad) gave me the chance to experience first hand how bungy jumping – a “fast forward” version of overcoming fear in any business venture. And last night, watching Pirates of the Caribbean in 3D, gave the opportunity and further insight into this whole new experience. (FREE trip to Los Angeles in 2012 – interested ? call Jas @ +012-2037003 / +017-3104171).

Bungy jumping is an opportunity to conquer our fear and experience the thrill of feeling gravity (free fall) by taking calculated risk (security features – rope, harness, qualified facilitators) via a fast forward motion.

Unit Trust business is an opportunity to conquer our fear and discover our talent, and experience the thrill of managing our own business and natural growth (growth of business driven by market forces) by taking calculated risk (taking charge of our financial security vs makan gaji learning from experienced Unit Trust Consultants, guided by Code of Ethics and Industry Regulation) via a day-to-day motion.

Very “serupa” right ? ..The main difference is the time taken to experience them – bungy requires 20 minutes preparation for that 2 minutes thrill, whereas unit trust business allows you time and has a lasting effect. And both bungy and unit trust business can be perfected by going through the motion and practicing the art over and over again. We decide how we jump, we decide how our unit trust business should flow and grow. Unfortunately, the cost of bungy jumping of NZD200+ and time constrain did not allow us to “perfect” the art but suffice to say “Yes ! I just did it”.

For those yang terlepas peluang to bungy jump, go watch Pirates of the Caribbean – On Stranger Tides and try imagine & feel “what made Captain Jack Sparrow jumped off the cliff”, “why he had to do it”, “why it was important to pursue it”….. Remember to watch the 3D version to feel the depth of Depp.

See Jas jumped the bungeeee.

There’s always fear around us, and often those fear are planted in our minds from childhood experiences – thanks to our parents, guardians, teachers and friends. As we grow up we often go back to this sub-conscious program and seek reference when faced with challenges and uncertainty in life. I tell my consultants, its never too late to change, add or refine this program. The oldest person to bungy jump is a WOMAN aged 78 !

For me, I prepared myself mentally (visualizing a beautiful jump & dive “old spice” style), then hesitated 3 times (thanks to back ground and sound effect by an Asian lady wailing and crying “I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die… boo hoo hoo…”), then with a little “help”, off I jumped and my mind just went blank (as if time stopped and felt absolutely nothing). At the first tug, somewhere mid way the 47 metre jump, i let out a scream and the feeling of excitement and relief that the jump was over. If I were to sum up the feeling, probably this is how “near death” experience feels like.

So here are 10 tips how one can overcome fear :

  1. Love what we do, build deep passion in what we do.
  2. Practice, practice, practice. “Practice makes perfect” – acquire the knowledge, learn the art and consistently apply them.
  3. Fake it till you make it.
  4. Visualize (plant positive image in your mind), affirm (self talk & doa) then Tawakal (learn to let go).
  5. Get motivated and encouragement. Learn from others’ mistake. Talk to people who have successfully experience it, not those who fail and often tangled in the blame & excuse game.
  6. Learn to align your believe system and surround ourselves with like-minded people. Stay away (at least initially) from negative forces and those failures and full of doubts.
  7. Stay focus – identify a target, one that is challenging enough to excite yet reachable and achievable.
  8. Take calculated risk – do research, what it takes to be successful, what’s the risk involved. The risk analysed must have a solution or answer, perhaps a back-up plan or exit plan.
  9. Give ourselves TIME and appreciate the view and enjoy the journey.
  10. Remain humble as your success materializes and reveals itself. Each step higher, should be matched with more humility, without compromising on self confidence which comes with greater experience. It’s the journey (experience) that’s more important than the success (goal).

So guys, the next time an opportunity knocks, do not think too hard “just do it”. Sometimes we must take some “calculated risk” in life. When we put ourselves at the edge, only then we are tested and coming out of the experience, we feel more accomplished and grateful.

Sentiasa rasa syukur dan redha with my share of life’s experience. And sentiasa rasa bertanggungjawab untuk share invaluable experience and knowledge to as many people as possible. “What goes around, comes around”.

Congratulations for “Conquering your fear” – Mai Farah, Uji, Hairy, Mazlin, Fiza, Jashida, Yan and Jaslinah !!!

(Next movie to watch “Kungfu Panda 2″…)

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