Justunittrust | Why you should Fly as a NSC Qualifier
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Why you should Fly as a NSC Qualifier

Why you should Fly as a NSC Qualifier

Amongst the many, many benefits of being a unit trust consultant are the FREE overseas holidays every year. I have made a promise to myself to qualify for these awesome trips every year.

Places I’ve been to since joining the unit trust business :

year 2005 – Venice, Italy and Vienna, Austria

year 2006 – Istanbul, Turkey

year 2007 – Athens, Greece

year 2008 – Istanbul, Turkey (again)

year 2009 – qualified for Hokaido

year 2010 – choose South Korea (qualified Dubai)

year 2010 – Spain (Top 25 GAM’s retreat)

year 2011 – Auckland & Rotorua, New Zealand

(22nd NSC Qualifiers (year 2011) – 298 UTC New Zealand, 575 UTC Beijing, 841 UTC Phuket)

year 2012 – Los Angeles, USA (tahun depan babe !)

The journey has been both rewarding and fulfilling. A combo of work and play.

Now, why must each unit trust consultant qualify for these trips every year ?


1. Its FREE.

2. you get 5 star accommodation + good halal food (which is difficult when travelling alone) + great places to visit.

3. jauh perjalanan, luas pemandangan dan lebih dalam pengalaman dan ilmu.

4. new friends and better networking amongst other unit trust consultants.

5. a solid 5 to 10 days holiday, away from business matters.

6. new knowledge, updates and gossips from the senior unit trust consultants.

7. boost confidence and rank unit trust consultants by performance. (what I call the “Rare Breed”)

8. motivate, energize andĀ endorsement of sales performance.

9. recognition and publicity (newspaper advertisement – faces of qualifiers published).

10. good reason to shop and bring back unique souvenirs from around the world.

As at 30 April 2011 539 Unit Trust Consultants dah qualifiy for 23rd NSC Trip.

  • 18 UTC – Los Angeles
  • 161 UTC – Tokyo
  • 360 UTC – Guangzhou

Anda dimana ? Guangzhou, Tokyo or already LA ? I’m confident that I have achieved my LA quota by 31 May 2011. And even more confident that all of you are destined to share many great holidays with Public Mutual if you really want them.

So our countdown continues with about 150 working days (monday to friday) left till 27 December 2011. To qualify, assuming you start from zero and working only 5 days per week :

1. Los Angeles is RM 19,300 sales/day

2. Beijing is RM10,100 sales/day

3. Guangzhou is RM 4,700sales/day (new Consultant)

orĀ RM 6,100 sales/day (old Consultant)

When you chunk the targets into bite sizes, the figures are so achieveable. Just stay focus and consistent sampai hujung tahun. Now, every Unit Trust consultant CAN FLY !

J.U.S.T Do It !

Some tools we used for JUST-Caliph-HC Consultants to help us stay focus :


(InsyaAllah saya ke Alor Setar and Ipoh – conduct coaching for Pb Mutual consultants between 6 – 7 June 2011. Jumpa anda disana ?)

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