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DNA Super Consultants

DNA Super Consultants

Listening to Lee Sheng Chow of Urut Tradisional PB, this morning on BFM 89.9 Radio, I realised and totally agree “To be happy, you must first learn to be grateful”. Hanya bila kita rasa bersyukur, barulah kita boleh rasa happy.

Is this the formulae of happiness ?

You can listen to Lee Sheng Chow at http://www.bfm.my/open-for-business-lee-sheng-chow-urut-tradisional-pb.html

Lee Sheng Chow is the first person commercializing the blind urut tradisional, more than 20 years ago, in Malaysia. His business is located in Brickfields and houses blind masseurs, man and woman. What so special about Sheng Chow you may ask. Plenty ! He has vision even though he became blind at age 21, starting the blind traditional massage business, putting his entire savings in the business, struggling in the early years to market and secure clients. He is a paralympic swimmer until today and by the sound of it, am sure he is physically fit. And ditakdirkan, has a handicap daughter – bed ridden and able to eat only soft diets.

Inspite of all these, Sheng Chow remains chirpy, optimistic and speaks of a larger purpose in life. I ask you, how many of us can still look at life, if Allah challenges us, testing our faith ?

Where does Sheng Chow gets his strength and determination ?

What about us – Unit Trust Consultants. Where is that source of energy and inner strength ? How does one grow it over time ? Probably it starts with “the right attitude” and “the right kind of D-N-A” that each unit trust consultant must have. Check and ask – do you have the following : ?

Each of us must find that “sense or purpose” – mengapa kita di dunia ini, untuk apa, untuk siapa ?

Memang kita tak perfect, tetapi DNA di atas boleh di “inherit” dan “dipelajari” dengan berkawan dengan rakan-rakan yang mempunyai DNA Super Sales Consultant. Positive energy is contagious (berjangkit).

As you know that even Superman has his weakness – krypton will make him weak. As with Super Sales Consultant, we may be weakened by certain genes.  So if nak tambah super power anda, jauhkan diri dari the following negative genes :

So amacam ? Boleh jadi Super Consultant tak ? Saya yakin anda boleh. Jika anda mahu….

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