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Unit Trust Consultants' Milestones

Unit Trust Consultants' Milestones

I read a recent article in Personal Money magazine this month – MAJOR MILESTONE IN A PERSON’S LIFE and it states the following :

  1. First Job
  2. Getting Married
  3. First Property (home)
  4. Have Baby (s)
  5. Caring for Aged Parents
  6. Children’s Higher Education
  7. Start own business
  8. Mid-Life Crisis
  9. Preparing for Retirement
  10. Real retirement

Which got me thinking of a shorter journey – what if we look at our Unit Trust Biz, where can we place MILESTONEs as a Unit Trust Consultant ?

What are milestones anyway ? Milestone usually marks the end of a stage (tahap) that marks a completion of a phase or job – typically marked by a high level event which signifies endorsement (pengiktirafan) of job done. I believe the following TANDA BATU can shed some light and gauge our progress as a Unit Trust Consultant.

  1. Sit for Unit Trust exam
  2. First sales transaction
  3. First downline recruited
  4. Promotion to Agency Supervisor
  5. First Overseas Trip (Los Angeles, New Zealand, etc)
  6. First time “your face published” in newpaper (due to item 5.)
  7. First RM1,000,000 deal (in 1 transaction)
  8. First time walk on stage to receive Award during Annual Dinner
  9. Promotion to Agency Manager
  10. Promotion to Group Agency Manager

Why are milestones important ? Yes, it is endorsement of progress, achievement and how a person developed. It serves as a benchmark indicates the quality of performance – once achieved we feel puas hati, seronok and probably bangga dengan pencapaian diri. Its about GENUINE recognition and the feeling of “I have arrived !”.

More importantly, it is like building blocks to allow a person to achieve even higher standards. Once dah rasa makan sedap, you know how it taste and feels, and you would always remember “that first bite” and want more and more of it. Up to a certain level, you get jelak and want to eat something else.

And even more important, once you’ve MATURED and GROWN, you realize that its the journey and NOT the milestone itself that is more important. As we learn from doing and experiencing many things during the journey, we learn and unlearn skills and gather knowledge. Yes we may occasionally stumble and fall, it may be painful but you will remember and try not to repeat the mistakes. We sharpen our instincts and gut feel. We know who to trust, who to rely on and who are your true friends and partners. Its all in the game ! That, my friends, are the facts of life…

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