Justunittrust | Pentagon of Islamic Financial Planning ?
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Pentagon of Islamic Financial Planning ?

Pentagon of Islamic Financial Planning ?

Seen this art (above) before ? ….Seen this guy (below) before ?

He’s Leonardo Da Vinci, the artist who was so fascinated with human anatomy, dimension, ratios and almost everything else we can just imagine. (Some disputed he’s “inventor” skills and labelled him as the “best illustrator” ever lived. He drew and painted phenomenal masterpieces and works of art).

What strikes me during the Islamic Financial Planning Certification is that the Pentagon (segi lima) can also be found in the Pentagon of Islamic Financial Needs depicted below :

These two illustration gave me my Step 1 in my Sales Presentation. And many a times, my audience “looks” appreciative of the simplicity in the explanation and how nicely all these Islamic Financial Tools fall in place; giving a clearer and definitely more sensible holistic approach to Financial planning of a Muslim.

Hope you like ’em !

Selamat menyambut bulan Ramadhan..


(note : LDVinci dikatakan bukan seorang pencipta but banyak melukis semula hasil kreaviti dari China, yang partly comes from the Islamic Scholars and investors)

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