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What do you desire ?

What do you desire ?

17-07-11 and 71 registered participants…

Awesome Sunday !

Our Makan-Makan & Grand Brainstorming session was exciting and full of energy. The many sharing by selected EXPERTS was definitely inspiring and moving. The combo of many senior Unit Trust Consultants as committee members, gave variety of flavour and ideas to such a meaningful event.

Kudos !

Well done to the January – June 2011 top performers from Just+Caliph+HC. We recognized the following Unit Trust Consultants for good sales performance.

  • Top Agency Supervisors (> 1 year) by Personal Sales Jan – Jun 2011

Rank 1 – Nazri, Rank 2 – Hazah, Rank 3 – Raimy

  • Top Agency Supervisors (< 1 year) by Personal Sales Jan – Jun 2011

Rank 1 – Shahril, Rank 2 – Musriano, Rank 3 – Cikgu Huzairi

  • Top Agents Personal Sales Jan – Jun 2011

Rank 1 – Huda, Rank 2 – Habibah, Rank 3 – Shaharuddin

  • Top Personal Producers (overall) by Personal Sales Jan – Jun 2011

Rank 1 – Jaslinah, Rank 2 – Suraini, Rank 3 – Musriano

  • NSC Qualifers (FREE overseas Vacation)

Los Angeles – Jaslinah

Tokyo – Suraini, Musriano, Suzana, Farah, Arif, Siti, Izat, Yusof, Hasimah, Syed Ali, Liyana, Cikgu Huzairi, Zarina, Suhaila, Aznita

Guangzhou – Shahril, Zaharah, Aishah, Raimy, Julianna, Zarina (nazri), Rohida, Azam, Mazzura, Nazri

We played teamwork & sales strategy games.

We mind mapped our actions and pen our Game Plan for the rest of the year. The importance of these lies in knowing WHAT we want, strategize HOW to achieve them, WHEN to achieve them.

We usually go through our daily routines like a hamster running in the “wheel” within its cage. So routine, so mundane and so focused on that one thing – running.  Until one day we just fall out of the “rat race” due to exhaustion.

The action of thinking, putting our thoughts and wants on a simple piece of paper will make us realise and see that most of us actually want a more balance approach to life – the bigger picture. Not just work, work and more work. That’s why only 2% of successful people in the world, practice having their goals written down every year and constantly revisit these goals and refine them over the years. It all starts with WHAT DO YOU WANT ? What are your desires – both tangible and intangible ?

I for one had difficulty (in early years) to write what I want in life. A friend told me, to start with “What I DO NOT WANT” then just pen the opposite. Example, I don’t want to ever be poor, the opposite is “I want to be wealthy”.

After a good feast of sumptuous nasi tomato from our resident Pakcik Caterer, we all went home with a happy tummy and eager to start our sales engine roaring !!!

And with Allah’s consent, we will head into second half of 2011 with stronger determination and will definitely outdo our first half performance. InsyaAllah….

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