Justunittrust | Naik Kereta Merah Nombor 1
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Naik Kereta Merah Nombor 1

Naik Kereta Merah Nombor 1

Don’t force me to buy. Just show me why I should buy.

Jangan over-sell your product as if its the best money can buy.

I have been cheated many times before, now I don’t trust “salesman”.

Don’t just lip-service (janji manis), prove to me you’re different.

Arghhh ! Too much information and facts. This is too much to understand, better tak payah fikir sekarang. After all, I have other better things to do.

Muka macam boleh percaya, gaya macam dah berjaya, tapi…

Betul jugak, kalau tak bagus, macam mana boleh dapat nombor 1.

Takpe kasi chan budak ni, I bukan nak invest pun, saja nak teman berbual.

Tahukah anda, all the above are excuses and some reasons why prospect tak invest with or through us. When promoting a product, don’t hard sell. Be a solution provider – “show them the solution”. Pastikan “the solution” meets the prospects needs and wants. Don’t sell, show them how to buy.

“Needs” apa yang kita perlu. “Wants” apa yang kita mahu. So, selalunya “need” lebih kuat dari “want”. Although good sales consultant can package their product-solution until prospect yang tidak ada “need” tetapi “want” it. Bezakan keperluan kereta untuk tujuan kenderaan balik kampong untuk Hari Raya Haji – kenderaan is “need” . Tapi ikut hati, sure nak or “want” pandu kereta selesa lagi bergaya ? (Nak kereta BMW ? Call 017-3104 171, kita share macam mana nak mampu berkereta BMW).

Soalnya bagaimana nak jual package solution to fulfil need seseorang ? Do you know, everyone is a sales person. You sell to your kids, so that they eat their greens and fruits. You sell to your husband, so that he buys you that beatiful handbag (although dah ada more than 10 buah dalam almari). You also sell to your boss, that you’re on MC (although baru kebah-kebah sikit je, tapi semalam Deepavali, so today malas kerja). Ask yourself, how did you do it ? “Now everyone can sell” if they want to !

Nak tips handle objections ? JUST Consultants will be conducting “RM400,000 sales every month by just telephone cold calls” this Sabtu 29 October 2011 at Seminar Room, Public Mutual Cheras Branch 10am – 12pm. Seats confirm penuh but this is privilege for JUST agency only. Nak attend ? Kenalah jadi ahli keluarga kami, call 017-3104 171 segera !

Sikit prebiu….

7  Objections you must answer.

1) Unspoken objection – body gestures (nod but no feedback)

. ask open-ended questions, lean forward & listen to his response.

2) Criticize your product or you (maybe bad past experience)

. stay calm, remember you’re not the target, use Feel-Felt-Found tactic (also known as the “verbal taichi”)

3) banyak excuses & less serious

. nod, smile, agree, then ask questions.

. divert or shift focus to how other people (with same excuses) are now happy customers.

4) Ask for more information

. welcome objection (yang sahih) – welcome such objection, compliment and answer completely, then ask whether they understand now.

5)Show-off objections

. acknowledge them (briefly), and ask smart questions to show your interest and to fact-find.

6)  Factual objections

. show testimonials and proof

7) General sales objections – usually at beginning

. neutralize them dulu, build rapport so prospect warm-up to you.

So join us this Sabtu for more hands-on hot tips !

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