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Our Little Robot

Our Little Robot

How do we plan when we want to take a vacation ? How do we pack our bags, our clothings, shopping money to bring ? Some Malaysians pack rending, sambal ikan bilis and even their favourite chile padi and maggi !

My point is – If you know where you are going, you’re able to plan how to get there and focus your time, energy and emotion towards that destination. Its like having a compass or map which help us to stay on track.

It all starts with having hope and DREAMS. Remember its never too late to dream. Dreams with strong sense or have purpose become GOALS. Each GOAL nourished with action plans + determination + deep believe and conviction leads to NEW SUCCESSES and REALITY ?

Wallah !

Remember its not how smart, handsome/pretty or rich a person is – its DETERMINATION propelled long enough that brings success. And each of us have a SECRET WEAPON – our SUB-CONSCIOUS mind (our believe system). Our Sub-conscious mind have power in shaping our habits. Our Sub-conscious mind (little robot) will respond according to our visualization. It doesn’t differentiate negative from positive, its not gender bias and it has the energy to attract what you want !

Persistently and always visualize the RESULTS you desire to keep you enthusiastic, energized and happy. No one can take away “Virtual Happiness” from us. That is the “Virtual Destination” and  “Special Place” we go each time and every time we can. Its sacred and it makes us happy. (Senyum sikit ?)

Focus my friend. Plant these seeds into your Little Robot :

  1. Clear Goals
  2. Inspiring Goals – ones that give you goose bumps.
  3. Measurable Goals – can be quantified and has a timeline.
  4. Action based Goals – your creative thinking ability will generate action plans.
  5. Write Goals down – book, board just write them somewhere you can frequently see them.
  6. Share these Goals with close friends and families –the energy and affirmation of more people makes it stronger. (like when we berdoa beramai-ramai)
  7. Some Goals may hafta be flexible especially when circumstances change. This is so that kita tak depressed or disappointed when keadaan memaksa kita ubah hala tuju atau beranjak sikit ke kanan atau kiri. So that kita redha dengan ketentuan ilahi.

Seeing is believing – If you can see it, you can achieve it !


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