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I am listening…

I am listening…

“It’s not what you say, its what they hear that matters”

Apa yang kita kata, tak penting. Yang utama, apa yang mereka dengar dan faham. Thats  why communication skills and listening skills are very important to be successful in life.

To be successful kita perlu listen. To be successful kita perlu faham sebelum boleh bertindak efficiently and effectively. And since minda kita process 10 times faster than we talk, we are always in a hurry to act before understanding the situation. Yes, to be pro-active is good, but to be pro-active for the wrong reason is so un-pro ! Avoid jadi kalut, avoid gelojoh, slow down and jangan terlalu terburu-buru..

When one talks, another listens. Is it so ?

HEAR is what we dengar. LISTEN is hearing and understand.

Talking is what we say, communicating is what we say meaningfully (bermakna). And words are best spoken when we mean them, genuinely embraced and its a promise to deliver something. Communicate well with the following :

1. choose the right words – POWER WORDS.

These are words (best as K.I.S.S – keep it short and simple) yang boleh difahami, suka didengari oleh our selected audience. Sometimes we need to repeat these words several times and other times we write them down (to reinforce the repeatations).

Many times I see Consultants using bombastic words and jargon, some copy-paste words, pronounced poorly ! If pinjam words, please check them first. One that I clearly remember was one of my seniors from previous company, she uses “STIMULATION” when its suppose to be “SIMULATION”… jauh makna tu !

2. Fact and figures

When these words are FACTS, best to write them down (on paper, on presentation board etc). Many time I see Unit Trust Consultants mumbling figures and facts and the target person don’t acknowledge these facts at all. Why ? Because we just “say it”. Yes, we understand these facts by hard but does it mean anything to the audience ? So, when we also “write it”, it shows that these facts are indeed important.

3. Say it CLEARLY

Avoid mumbling and swallow your words. Sit confidently and breath, so that your voice and words are heard clearly.

Many time I see, Unit Trust consultants are late for their appointment, bila sampai, jadi kalut, tergopoh gapah to do sales pitch. So un-pro !

4. Tone of VOICE

How do you mengaji AL-Qur’an ? Mengapa ada tajwid ?
Why we listen to so many genre of music and each has its melody, tune, and requires different voice to sing them. So that what is said and spoken, has depth and adds more meaning.

Many times i see Unit Trust Consultant buat sales presentation so so boring. Suara mendatar, tak show enthusiasm. Add some “life” into your sales presentation.

5. Non-verbal words spoken

Oh yes ! Your body speaks too. Body language – facial expression, body movement and appearance will all speak YOU. They reveal your confidence, your keikhlasan, your status, your preferance etc.

Many times I see Unit Trust consultants tak reti nak duduk pun – senget-senget and kepala kekadang lentuk ala-ala manja. PLEEEEEEeeeease !

Enough said. Now how to listen. Yes, Unit Trust Consultants must acquire listening skills. Meaning understand what you hear. Kalau lah the other party speaking terlalu boring, or perhaps speaks subject yang too confusing, what to do ?

1. Ask

Ask relating to the very “last item” the speaker said. Or ask to just “go back” a bit and elaborate.


Dream is good but do it at your own time. Not at other peoples time. Avoid berkhayal and being distratcted.

3. Set your antenna

To get best results, set your aerial and antenna high. Set your little robot (sub conscious mind) to open and receive ideas.

4. Body language

Respond to the words you hear and listen – nod your head, show interest and smile genuinely. If possible, do not interrupt. Be empathetic -FEEL what the speaker says.

Mudah ?

Yup, go practice theses skills. “You can be perfect,only if you practice PERFECT”

  • Alia
    Posted at 18:39h, 21 May Reply

    Salam Kak Jas,

    Saya UTC baru, nak tanya boleh, saya pernah approach sorang uncle yg sgt baik hati & berpotensi utk invest, tapi dia tanya, kalau saya invest lump sum, tiba2 lepas tu harga turun, mcm mana?

    Mcm mana nak jawab soalan dia tu? boleh tak kak jas share..tq , smg Allah berkati ilmu yg Kak Jas share pd org ramai..

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