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Full time or Fool time

Full time or Fool time


Who are you ? A Full-time or Fool-time Consultant ?

Stop Fooling your time and making a Fool out of your Full-time business.

To be or not to be…

To be successful and efficient, one must have not quite enough time, not quite enough resources (seperti masa, wealth, knowledge).

Too much time – makes one lazy and procrastinate (lengah masa).

Too much wealth – makes one complacent (selesa).

Too much knowledge – makes one think and over analyze, thus delay action and decision.

My question to us all (yes, including myself) “Are we fools ? Are we fooling ourselves with time ?”. Resam manusia, bila dapat sesuatu secara FREE, kita tak value pemberian itu. Thus, when Allah gave us time (for free) we waste them. When school gave us knowledge (for free) we waste them. When Allah gave us health (for free) we abuse them – stuffing our tummies and over indulge with food. So, are we a bunch of wasteful, inefficient and inconsiderate fools or what ?

Sedarlah, there’s NO FREE LUNCH. Semua yang free ada tempoh hayat and shelf-life. So we have to learn to use our resources carefully and efficiently before they expire ! And believe that everything is finite except the Almighty.

In “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey, habit ketiga is “Put First Things First” (PFTF). Huh, what’s PFTF ?

Effective people deal with things that are NOT URGENT but are IMPORTANT. This habit – focusing on things yang PENTING (walaupun TIDAK SEGERA) such as planning, preventive activities and strategies, building long-term relationship and being clear in vision and mission, will guide us to be OPPORTUNITY-oriented berbanding problem-minded. Remember the Pareto Principle – 80% of results come from 20% activities ? Ini sebabnya hanya 20% effort kita yang berhasil. Obviously, kita buang masa and Fool-our-time 80% of the time !

Well, HABIT is what we get when we intersect knowledge (what to do and why), skill (how to do) and desire (motivation or want to do). So, to start with wanting to be effective people. We must know “what to and why”, we must know “how to” and lastly “do”. It all starts with adanya kesedaran dan kemahuan. Then cari jalan and lakukan. And guess what, successful people are successful sebab they have the habit of doing things that failures tak suka buat.

Now, “Put First Things First” maksudnya how we manage ourselves, not how we manage time. And PFTF focus on Quadrant 2 “Important and Not Urgent”.

In Unit Trust biz, I often see time wasted and Unit Trust Consultants “foolling” with their time. Sometimes pelik, when kita bekerja untuk orang lain, kita terlalu takut dan cuba log in waktu kerja for gaji yang limited. But bila berniaga sendiri, you become your own boss (majikan), you break these rules. Why ? Kenapa we take ourselves for granted. Itu tipu diri namanya.

Dosa jika kita tipu orang lain. Dosa tak if kita menipu diri kita sendiri  ?

Bukankah bila kita bekerja sendiri, kita perlu kerja lebih komited dan disiplin sebab segala hasil usaha tersebut kita yang punya ?

Ask your self – can you be honest, true and trust yourself with time ? We expect a lot from our children – we want more A’s in exam, we want them to excel in sports, we want them to be anak-anak yang rajin dan soleh. But what about the parent ? Why don’t we “walk our talk” ? So be honest with ourselves, perbaiki diri, be “A better us”.

Kaji kelemahan diri, cultivate new good and positive habits, one that can make us better – “Be a first-rated us”.

Be an awesome you !


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