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Gunung Kinabalu

Gunung Kinabalu

“Rare Sight. Awesome Experience”

Seeing is believing. Doing and loving what we do, now that’s AWESOME experience.

Alhamdulillah and I felt so fortunate to be amongst those crazy few who quest and hunger for such physical and mentally rewarding experience. Yes ! recently saya berpeluang mendaki Gunung Kinabalu – puncak ke-20 tertinggi di dunia. Yes ! Saya sanggup mendaki naik, more than 8 jam untuk sampai ke puncak Kinabalu at Low’s Peak (4,095.2 metres).

Perjalanan bermula dari 2jam lebih drive from Bandar Kota Kinabalu ke Mersilau, base camp di KK Park. Bermalam di Mersilau (20’C sejuk dan good food), mula mendaki jam 9pagi menuju ke Laban Rata – jarak pendakian sekitar 8km (5 jam lebih perjalanan). Seterusnya bermalam di Laban Rata (3,272.7 metres ,less than 20’C sejuk, tanpa air panas) and ascend pagi berikutnya to Low’s Peak bermula jam 3 pagi. Sempat solat subuh dan tiba di puncak jam 6pagi selepas 3jam pendakian. Di puncak, its truly a ‘Rare Sight’ and as I said ‘Awesome Experience’ at 4,095.2m and around 10’C (pagi) menggigil……

To me this was the highest level (above sea level) yang pernah saya bersolat and the feeling is indescribable. Maybe terharu and bersyukur are the closest feeling. The opportunity and the strength given by the Almighty to witness His creation is overwhelming.

Similarly, in kehidupan kita, we face many opportunities and challenges. Kekadang kita tak perasan pun and at times it has been staring in front of us, all this life. My dear friends, its important to have a feel of what’s in us. Naluri or gut feel, will guide us in life. Sebab itu kita perlu hati yang bersih, so that we can “hear” and “feel” our naluri clearly. Naluri is also instinct or gerak hati.

What about our minds ? Apa guna ada otak ? Sebenarnya, saya fikir naluri, instinct, gerak hati and gut feel semuanya dari otak kita. All this programs are not in the heart ! Its in the mind. So don’t worry next time you follow the heart (program in otak) it doesn’t mean “you tak pakai otak”. It just means you follow a different program placed in a different location in our otak. [otak terbahagi kepada pelbagai compartment, each carries programs berbeza. Otak kiri tak sama fungsi dengan otak kanan. Program yang mana nak pakai, bergantung kepada situasi keadaan, pengalaman lalu dan kecenderungan seseorang].

So sepanjang perjalanan mendaki 5jam (Mersilau to Laban Rata) dan 3jam (Laban Rata to Low’s Peak) saya melakukan sedikit self discovery dan saya berkesempatan relate pendakian Gunung Kinabalu to “pendakian business unit trust” saya. And I’d really like to share them with my readers and followers.

Lessons from Mount Kinabalu

Lesson 1

Healthy mind, body and soul.

Tanamkan positive attitude (mental), equip diri dengan skill and preparation (physical) and tawakal (soul is open to embrace and appreciate experience).

Lesson 2

Clear Mission & Vision (objective)

Focus on the objective or destination (sales target, promotion, awards, vision) and embrace the mission. Mission is “cara laku” and action driven.

During Kinabalu hike, there was 3 routes – melalui Mersilau (lebih panjang perjalanan with beautiful scenary) or melalui Timpohon (shorter by 2km but steeper) and Via Ferata (oooh ! macam Cliffhanger experience) and probably many more routes yang kurang commercial.

Similar in unit trust business, do you go through Fast Track, or Standard ? Do you focus on corporate investments or retail (individual) investments ? Are you more comfortable with KWSP type of investments or regular monthly investmets, or nak yang lump sum amounts sahaja ? You decide…

Lesson 3

Strategies for each Mission

Each perjalanan requires different strategies. Do you break them down – chunking of Sales Target ? Or do you telan bulat-bulat ? Are you a Personal Sales Producer (100% on getting more investors – increase number of investors or increase quality investor with larger investible amounts) or are you an Agency Builder (less personal sales but more than 70% effort in recruitment and developing of unit trust consultants). Each route requires different preparation and strategies. The point is we have to know which route to take. Susah tukar route, bila dah tengah perjalanan.

Lesson 4

Solo or Beramai-ramai

Do you hike alone or do you need support dari kawan-kawan ? For me, I am a self-starter, I am able to focus on my vision (to a certain extend). But once I start to recruit, I need their support and encouragement to build the team and carry the team to greater heights. Occasionally saya juga perlu consult pendapat, perlu “mandi” motivasi dan perlu belajar dari kekurangan diri. Perlu perbaiki diri dan observe and sometimes imitate what successful Unit trust consultants do.

[Thanks to Anum, Aswad, Nazlyn and the members of the organizing commitee}

Lesson 5

The Guide, The Porter and The Friend

During the hike, Porters are available (RM9/kg weight) to carry our barang-barang to Laban Rata. It this means, i can hike faster (kurang berat) and less tired, and off course can afford – why not hire an office assistant or clerk to help you with your routine administrative work ?

During the hike, Guides are also available to assit direction of the hike and sometime to remind our mission and how far we had or how far more we have to hike. These Guides are like our “upline” or senior partners – constantly there to guide, assist and remind us. Guides can be orang or things. Semasa pendakian there were tangga, tali dan various checkpoints to make the hike more comfortable. Sometime taking the tali, may not be the best route, so kita perlu deviate sikit, sekejap but eventually kembali pegang tali tersebut. The checkpoints and many penanda “Kilometer” remind us and track our distance, very much like our sales target, promotion requirements and monthly performance by top unit trust consultants.

During the hike, its important to be with like-minded companions. Kawan-kawan yang berfikiran yang similar. These are your buddies in unit trust business. Appreciate their input and feedback but stay away from gossip, complaints and negative talks. Always think and talk “how to be better”.

There you go ! I can write 10 more lessons, but enough for now. I’ll be leaving for Alor Setar Branch Annual Dinner shortly. Where we will celebrate our Career UTC Manager Siti Salehatun for her promotion and fantastic performance. This is one super woman+mommy+wife+consultant all wrap in one small but hot package ! very enthusiastic, positive and definitely a survivor ! Congrats Siti, proud to have you in our team.

Esok (7 April) – I’ll be talking at Sales Workshop in Butterworth and next Monday (9 April) at Penang Branch.

  • mohd daud hashim
    Posted at 23:57h, 10 July Reply

    Baca your story kinabalu.
    I was there last february with fmly.

    Syukur. There was word that you bersolat di puncak kinabalu.
    Allah kareeem,

    Wasalam, greeting from Doha

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