Justunittrust | Why we must be RICH
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Why we must be RICH

Why we must be RICH


Do we need to be RICH ? Do we need a LOT OF MONEY ?

Or do we actually need ENOUGH berkat-money ?

What is “a lot” if punca or means of getting the money penuh penipuan, rasuah, back-stabbing, exploitation and taking advantage of others. What is “a lot” if we have “a lot” of money but not enough time for our loved ones ?

So, do we actually not need “a lot” or do we need “enough” ?

[Why SOME prominent corporate and political figures resort to playing-money-game for their career success ? Adakah sebenarnya these people do not have a goal ? They may have objective – to be rich but not clearly defined. Otherwise bila dah dapat RM10m, or maybe RM100m they will stop their quest. Its because the goal is not clearly defined – S.M.A.R.T (specific, measurable, achievable, r……, timeline) thus they don’t know where to stop ! Gerrrrrram….]

Would enough+berkat wealth be more valuable than a-lot-of-money coming from questionable sources ?

Talking about valuable or “WORTH” – its placing value, nikmat and benefit beyond a price tag. Ask ourselves, are we beyond price tag ? Are we worth it ?

Ramai equate kekayaan to RM, USD – all monetary equivalent. It could also be in assets (hopefully at manageable debt or liability levels). It could also be in non-aseet or non-monetary form, tetapi able to generate future stream of cashflow. And many acknowledge that there is a priceless value in knowledge. Some place value to “time”, yes “masa itu emas”. Familiar ?

My point is, no one knows what is value or what is wealth sebenarnya. Sebabnya definition of wealth differs from one another. Its driven by one’s life values, their level of thinking and maturity and definitely one’s life experiences, good or bad. Perhaps a better definition to “kekayaan” and “value” and “kaya” – apa yang kita tak ada sekarang tetapi kita perlu or mahu sangat-sangat [perlu – is mesti ada or necessary, mahu – is wants but not necessary].

Ada orang “dahaga kasih saying” or miskin kasih saying tapi kaya-raya dengan duit berjuta-juta dok diam kat bank, ASB, rantai-gelang emas and kereta Rolls Royce, “Bufori, Ferari, Masserati” (BFM 89.9) yang tersusun cantik, kilat, so under utilized. And ada yang “meleleh air liur” tengok kereta BMW 645 warna hitam, rumah bungalow RM6m (siap ada lift and swimming pool) and isteri orang lain yang cantik, sexy dan “muda”. Tak kurang pulak yang envy tengok family yang anak 10, happy and loving (maybe duit tak berapa banyak). Yang lain envy tengok orang lain sihat, hidup active and travel sana-sini, living life to the fullest !

So, I ask you again “What is KAYA” ?

I don’t know. I belief “KAYA” is a feeling and feelings are difficult to quantify. As much as I think love is energy and its finite (limited), I think “KAYA” is also finite. It’s a zero-sum-game. In simpler definition – kalau ada orang yang kaya, someone else hafta be miskin. Kalau ada orang menang lottery, mesti ada berjuta-juta yang lain hilang duit (maybe sikit sebab tiket lottery RM1 kan ?).

So, “What is KAYA” ?

My definition of kaya – having “MORE THAN ENOUGH”

And JASLINAH’s definition of Enough and More-Than-Enough :

Enough More than Enough (optional)
1. Makan 3 kali sehari (budget RM5 per meal per person)2. Kereta (selamat, performance, comfort) budget RM200,0003. Travel and Cuti-cuti (sekali setahun bersama keluarga)

4. Membantu orang yang susah (budget ????)

5. Masa untuk bersukan/gym 3 kali seminggu (minima), kelas Agama Islam (at least 1 kali seminggu)

6. Facial dan spa (sekali sebulan)

7. Duit emergency RM2juta dan monthly cash inflow RM30,000

8. Hutang – max 30% cash inflow

9. Rumah terrace 2 tingkat

10. Sihat dari penyakit chronic

1. Makan 5 kali sehari (mampu beli RM100 per meal)2. Kereta classic sebuah, kereta sebuah Hummer, sebuah Kereta Mini Cooper-S3. Travel and cuti-cuti Overseas (lebih dari sekali setahun bersama keluarga) including 1 umrah (haji) setiap tahun

4. Menyumbang secara tetap ke rumah anak yatim, sekolah tahfiz/agama Islam, rumah orang tua (budget ???)

5. Masa bersuka/gym setiap hari, Ke kelas Agama Islam (at least 1 kali seminggu) dan dapat berjemaah di masjid daily (at least sekali sehari)

6. Facial dan spa (more than sekali sebulan)

7. Duit emergency RM5juta dan monthly cash inflow RM50,000

8. Hutang – zero debt

9. Rumah bungalow 2 tingkat (5 bilik, siap AV room, courtyard dan indoor gym. Swimming pool tak payah, jacuzzi cukup)

10. Sihat dari sebarang penyakit dan sentiasa kelhatan segar-bugar dan ceria

How’s that for my definition of “Kekayaan” and “Enough” ?

Common, let’s do your “Enough” and “More-than -enough” list. Perhaps, you will know yourselves better and “value” what we already have. And understand that we need to have more-than-enough not for ourselves, but for others. Allah beri rezki for orang yang dibawah jagaan kita. And yes “charity starts from our own home”, but when we share it with many, many more people, the joy and effect is unquantifiable. That is the true meaning of KAYA and abundance.

As Ramadhan draws near, let’s all be charitable. Let’s all share, no matter how small, no matter how difficult. Let’s all not just think of ourselves but start thinking of what that little bit that we give, could mean to those who don’t have..

Kudos to the Perak Ladies Club for their Program “Menderma Sempena Ramadhan” at Kota Pagar, Parit, Perak DR – more than 300 warga emas and 20 pelajar-pelajar sekolah tahfiz Al-Qur’an Al Barakah, received goodies and duit raya.

Nice !

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