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Merdeka ! Merdeka ! Merdeka !
Happy Birthday Malaysia.

You have been generous and relatively peaceful. You have developed over these 55 years and getting attention from all over the globe. You have made many Malaysians proud with your achievements and occasionally caught us by surprise with your naughtiness. I suppose 55 years is relatively “young” for a country and less than matured compared to more “developed” economies and more established civilization.

Yet, I love you Malaysia. The land of plenty, with beautiful landscape, awesome natural resources and abundance of opportunities. Your generousity knows no boundaries – you give and provide to both locals and aliens (legal or otherwise).

Indeed there’s nothing wrong with you. Sadly, you are in the hands of ungrateful and wasteful occupants. You are managed by hands of politicians, authorities and secured by armed forces, police and more. May you stay in good and clean hands, may their actions bring greater good to many. May you stay well and clean for many more generations to come.

In this land of plenty, many take for granted your generosity. Many live in denial thinking your abundance is forever. Many still refuse to take responsibility and continue to burden you for eternal subsidies and donations. Even those fully able and physically fit take advantage of your kindness and continue to rob your resources and deny the less fortunate their share. Remember MERDEKA doesn’t come easily. Life comes with a cost – the long, tiring journey and struggle of the earlier generation is not easy to pay.

So do us all a favor, just check your finances. Be responsible Malaysians and take a quick look at yourself.

Do you have at least 3 months salary/expenses in your emergency funds ? And for those without a fixed monthly salary – do you at least have 6 months salary/expenses ? How do you fare monthly – surplus cash or shortage and rely on never-ending credit cards and personal loans ? Have you planned anything for your children’s future education ? Yes, buying new baju raya is almost a must for most parents. A gesture we do willingly out of love for our children. But what about their FUTURE clothes and baju raya ? Can we parents still buy them for our children when these kids are 30, 40 maybe 50 years old ? Can we continue giving duit raya and stay charitable to our soon-to-be-adult kids ?

What about you ? Yes, who’s to take care of your old age ? Can you live another 20 years after retirement with savings ? Or haven’t you started anything yet ? Don’t talk about your “Compulsory Provident Fund” (CPF) – did you put aside anything more ? Do you know 70% of us will outlive our EPF savings. Yes, memang tak cukup – within 3 years of retirement, duit EPF finito and kaput !

Do you take care of your health ? Yes, we eat vitamins and supplements. Sometimes we don’t know why or perhaps what we’re shoving down our throats in the name of health. But forget to exercise, forget to move and reluctant even to walk. Don’t blame the weather – panas, hujan, snow etc. Get your butt moving and start grooving for a healthier old-you. All those supplements ain’t do you good if your body is unhealthy and unable to absorb nutrients from good food.

So, do a quick FINANCIAL HEALTH check – self diagnose :

1. Emergency funds 3 – 6 months salary or monthly expenses
2. Check your monthly cashflow [in versus out as per Table 2]
3. Rule 20:40:40 [details as per Table 1 below]

(a) Savings at least 20% of NET salary
(b) Debts (loans, credit cards etc) not more than 40% of NET salary
(c) Household expenses not more than 40% of NET salary


For us not there yet, seek help to sort and organize your finances. Seek professional help to start financial plans and then stay the cause and course, be smart & savvy and stay financially healthy en route to Financial Freedom !

Be Merdeka.
Be Financially Free.
Be Financially Liberated.

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