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Minda Poket Kaya

Minda Poket Kaya

Do you complain about not having enough money ? Do you fear opening your mails and receiving phone calls from unknown numbers ? Do you feel suffocated with monthly expenses from family, house, car, cats, utility bills, food and more ? Most will try to restructure their debts only to fail simply because they didn’t recognize the primary cause of the problem – Lifestyle.

No matter how hard you try to change or manage your debts, if you can’t change your lifestyle, nothing will work. And did you know that to change a lifestyle means that you will have to change your habits? And habit is the hardest thing to change especially when it involve loved ones.

Now what happens if the same pattern continues over time – fixed salary versus rising expenses ? Yes, savings will be sacrificed and eventually depleted. This is an alarming lifestyle and many suffer in silence.

So how are you going to manage your debts without changing your lifestyle ? The answer is simple – take charge of your life and start filling up your pockets. And the beauty of this whole thing is this – you can maintain your lifestyle and still have a more money left at the end of the month. This is what we called “Poket Kaya”.

“Minda Poket Kaya” is not a debt-restructuring programme. It is a programme to help you realize the true potential in you and help you understand the opportunity that lies out there for you to make more money and hopefully have an even better lifestyle.

Money is not everything but everything these days needs money. More money also helps put more smiles around you, making life easier and happier. Your life will be more organized and you are en route to achieve your dreams.

Be amongst like-minded friends and tap your inner potential. The energy is contagious and you will benefit from this programme. Don’t miss out on this opportunity !

Minda Poket Kaya

Cheras Branch

3 November 2012

10am – 12.30pm

Book your seat now : sms NAME to +017-3104171

or e-mail : justsynergysolutions@ymail.com

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