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E = MC kuasa 2

E = MC kuasa 2

A little push goes a long, long, long way.

Ever wonder “what drives” you and me ?

The Einstein equation of E = MC kuasa 2….. perhaps ENERGY = Motivation X Confidence X Clever

When a person is motivated, even tak clever sangat, dia ada energy.

When a person is motivated bila dia ada confidence, walaupun tak clever sangat, pun energy mantap.

Imagine a person who is motivated and confident and clever ! Whaooo ENERGY AWESOME !!!

Ingat tak semasa kecil-kecil dulu, mak ayah akan paksa kita makan sayur. Ramai anak-anak tak suka makan sayur but dek takut kena marah, telan juga lah ! Mak ayah puas psycho – makan sayur bayam (spinach) nanti kuat macam popeye. Makan carrot nanti mata cantik dan terang penglihatan macam arnab. Macam-macam lagi…

Sekarang dah dewasa….

Ask yourselves – when was the last time you did a “dare devil” stunt or an awesome-adrenalin-gushing stuff ? What drove you ? Apa pencetus or sebab which, generated so much DESIRE & ENERGY to do amazing, awesome and unbelievable feat. How did you manage to push those fears aside ? Aung San Su Kyi “The real PRISON is your own FEAR”.

I remembered when I did my bungee about 2 years back. Indeed, memang takut  gilos ! Off course I am not the only crazy one, I did my “pre-jump” due diligence – berapa orang casualty ? ketahanan tali ? berapa tinggi ? track record and experience orang yang menguruskan the jump. Even then, masih terasa takut and unsure. After 3 times hesitate, saya minta sedikit bantuan – a little tap to que when to jump. And 1, 2, 3 off I jumped (with that tap at back off my shoulder) and in mid air, I just had to “enjoy” the almost 3 seconds motion. No words can describe, as it was maybe equivalent to suicide. As with people yang commit suicide, they don’t scream when they jumped off the building or bridge. (yang jerit tu, sebab dipaksa lompat). And after the first “sentap” my voice came back at I shouted “AWESOME !!!”

Sometime in life when starting something new, we need assurance and reassurance. Macam orang nak kahwin, you must enter “the journey” BERSAMA-SAMA. Very much like jumping the Bungee Tandem (berdua). We need believe, perhaps believe in each other that ”Till death do us part” and believe that, that chosen person will make us happy, take care of us, so on so forth…

Macam orang jatuh cinta ! When we fall in love, passion & hormone bertukar jadi ENERGY to do wonderful and sometimes unthinkable things. Like the Taj Mahal – cinta Shah Jahan kepada isteri tersayang Mumtaj Mahal… sighhhhh…  Even Firaun or pharoahs of Egypt zaman dulu-dulu, kerana terlalu sayangkan diri mereka sendiri; they build magnificent pyramids ! Ini cinta syiok sendiri namanya but same concept.

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