Justunittrust | E = MC kuasa 2
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E = MC kuasa 2

E = MC kuasa 2

My point ?

Some of us, if not many of us need the PUSH. Some need a WAKE UP CALL to sedarkan diri kita or perhaps drive us to perform fantastic RESULTS. Some even need  “karan letrik” to bagi kejutan ke jantung !

Bila start a new venture – baru join Unit Trust industry and jadi Unit Trust Agent, kenapa ramai berjaya dan ramai juga yang lemau ? Yang berjaya ada recipe mereka, but yang lemau kerpa kali saya perhatikan lack Confidence dan kurang Motivasi. Bukan soal clever or tak clever but mahu atau tak mahu. Perlu buat untuk duit atau tak perlu. Dan kadang-kadang kesempitan, kesusahan dan ketandusan itu boleh berubah jadi ENERGY yang positif untuk berjaya & merubah hidup.

Agree ?

Sayangnya, in a society blessed with abundance (money, food and time), we lack that drive. We became lazy, uncreative, less innovative and worst of all jadi PEMALAS. We love to blame. We create thousand and one excuses. We fault everyone except ourselves. We curse fate, we swear that we have tried our best yet we become victims to circumstances. Hmmmmmph !

I remembered an article I read “How To Innovate Like A Shark” about how Steven Spielberg in 1975 set out to create a violent and gory shark attacks film. With the actor-shark not performing as expected, the team was frustrated because desperate for RESULTS, they found a solution – let the viewers IMAGINE fear & gory themselves ! Just by showing shark fins (ekor sirip), water turning red, enough untuk penonton imagine sendiri. So lack of resources and money sometimes can make us more creative. We are forced to think.

Another lesson learnt from Spielberg’s creative “sirip jaws” is to create F.E.A.R or “False Evidence Appearing Real” – we trick our minds to be scared and imagine yang bukan-bukan ! [sebab tu jangan  banyak tengok cerita hantu]

Come back to that PUSH…

Why we put our children in tution centres ? Or put them at sekolah asrama ? Yes, because we believe that little PUSH can drive these kids to get better results, and as a result have better choices in life. Its because “we believe……” in something, or someone.

So, if love causes us to believe. And believe forces us to think and act out of the box. And by acting and innovating beyond “the box” we become successful, then why aren’t many people successful ?

Sebabnya we are lousy at falling in love. I don’t just mean falling in love with a person, but with a purpose (tujuan), or maybe with a particular goal in life. Sebabnya juga kita not in love with ourself. Maybe if we love ourselves more, we can also build our “pyramids”.  That’s why I always tell people this – you must love yourself first, baru orang akan love kita.

And that “love” is actually the PUSH factor. If we don’t love diri sendiri, tetapi ada orang yang yakin and believe in us, ini juga another kind of PUSH. So go find that PUSH…

In life, we must learn to focus on the good things in life, the right things to do to become awesome. When you let go the bad and the negative, the good will flow our way.

Ingat “If I want to succeed, I will give thousand and one reason to succeed. But if I want to fail, I’ll give myself thousand and two reasons to fail”.

Its your choice, its my option and its definitely PILIHAN kita semua dengan izin Yang Maha Esa.

D.U.I.T = Doa + Usaha + Ikhtiar + Tawakal


+ kak jas will be at BOOTH A138 during 27 ~ 29 September 2013 BN Youth Job Fair, Tun Razak Hall 1, PWTC

+ nak jadi Unit Trust Agent / Consultant ? Jumpa disana !

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