Justunittrust | About Us
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About Us

J.U.S.T Unit Trust was founded in year 2003.

By year 2005, it grew exponentially under the strength of 4 experts from various background.

Jaslinah Abdul Rahman – Treasury & Risk Management

Hasimah Muhammad – Treasury and Mortgage Financing

Farah Meor Che’ Hussien – Entrepreneur and Corporate Remisier

Arif Ismail – Information Technology

Since then, we have grown into a synergy of more than 500 Unit Trust Consultants. A number of the consultants are already certified Financial Planner with Islamic Financial Planners among them.

Consultants come together and synergize under these agencies for obvious reasons. Many had unfulfilling professional employment with limited salary, having to sacrifice pursuing their dreams and forget how to be happy. Others made the transformation due to frustration, stress, office bickering and politicking and unreasonable job demands. Not to mention drifting to and fro the demanding traffic condition only to realize they are not appreciated and heading no where in their career prospects.

All these changed.

At J.U.S.T, our consultants are groomed with the core values of Just, Unique, Savvy & Street-smart and Trustworthy. Consultants operate flexible hours suitable to their lifestyle and family requirements, whilst earning generous income and even yearly free overseas vacations. We believe in achieving happiness via a balance life and leading life with a strong sense of purpose.

J – our Unit Trust Consultants operate in a just and fair manner. We seek agreement with a win-win attitude, with both our client investors and business partners.

U – our Unit Trust Consultants are unique and uncommon in our business strategies and methods.

S – our Unit Trust Consultants are savvy & street-smart in pursuit of business growth. In addition, synergy and teamwork.

T – our Unit Trust Consultants emphasize on being trustworthy with ourselves, our partners and most importantly with our client investors. This focuses on building long-term lasting relationship.

Our business model and support system provide Unit Trust Consultants with like-minded attitude to grow their business; to replicate and develop newer Consultants and to tap the abundance of opportunity in Wealth Creation and Accumulation via sound and profitable Unit Trust Investments. Each transaction involves channeling resources from bank deposits, EPF savings and many other deposits available, into suitable Unit Trust Funds.

Our bias towards Islamic Financial Planning is founded on believe that financial planning here, is part of planning for the hereafter. Our well-branded Unit Trust Funds have proven “Most Trusted Brand” over many years and leads in size as well as number recognition awarded each year.

Our presence in the financial planning industry will hopefully help many retail investors facing financial challenge in areas of retirement, education, umrah and haj planning and other wealth management plans. Our well-accepted products, managed by professional fund managers and consultants are also suitable for cash management and long-term placement for corporate investors.

This business has proven fulfilling and provides generous monetary rewards for both Consultants and Investors. Suffice to say, this win-win combination will make the roadmap towards Financial Freedom a lot brighter and easier.