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Do we need to be RICH ? Do we need a LOT OF MONEY ?

Or do we actually need ENOUGH berkat-money ?

What is "a lot" if punca or means of getting the money penuh penipuan, rasuah, back-stabbing, exploitation and taking advantage of others. What is “a lot” if we have “a lot” of money but not enough time for our loved ones ?

So, do we actually not need “a lot” or do we need "enough" ?

[Why SOME prominent corporate and political figures resort to playing-money-game for their career success ? Adakah sebenarnya these people do not have a goal ? They may have objective - to be rich but not clearly defined. Otherwise bila dah dapat RM10m, or maybe RM100m they will stop their quest. Its because the goal is not clearly defined - S.M.A.R.T (specific, measurable, achievable, r......, timeline) thus they don't know where to stop ! Gerrrrrram....]

Would enough+berkat wealth be more valuable than a-lot-of-money coming from questionable sources ?

Talking about valuable or “WORTH” – its placing value, nikmat and benefit beyond a price tag. Ask ourselves, are we beyond price tag ? Are we worth it ?

Ramai equate kekayaan to RM, USD – all monetary equivalent. It could also be in assets (hopefully at manageable debt or liability levels). It could also be in non-aseet or non-monetary form, tetapi able to generate future stream of cashflow. And many acknowledge that there is a priceless value in knowledge. Some place value to “time”, yes “masa itu emas”. Familiar ?

My point is, no one knows what is value or what is wealth sebenarnya. Sebabnya definition of wealth differs from one another. Its driven by one’s life values, their level of thinking and maturity and definitely one's life experiences, good or bad. Perhaps a better definition to “kekayaan” and “value” and “kaya” - apa yang kita tak ada sekarang tetapi kita perlu or mahu sangat-sangat [perlu - is mesti ada or necessary, mahu - is wants but not necessary].

Ada orang “dahaga kasih saying” or miskin kasih saying tapi kaya-raya dengan duit berjuta-juta dok diam kat bank, ASB, rantai-gelang emas and kereta Rolls Royce, “Bufori, Ferari, Masserati” (BFM 89.9) yang tersusun cantik, kilat, so under utilized. And ada yang “meleleh air liur” tengok kereta BMW 645 warna hitam, rumah bungalow RM6m (siap ada lift and swimming pool) and isteri orang lain yang cantik, sexy dan “muda”. Tak kurang pulak yang envy tengok family yang anak 10, happy and loving (maybe duit tak berapa banyak). Yang lain envy tengok orang lain sihat, hidup active and travel sana-sini, living life to the fullest !

So, I ask you again “What is KAYA” ?

  Salam kembali. Lama saya tak mem-blog. Been away and been busy. Am happy that many from J-CHI group of consultants rewarded with FREE CUTI - to Los Angeles, Tokyo and Guangzhou in May 2012. Keep up the awesome good work ! So, siapa nak pergi CUTI PERCUMA overseas, contact saya 017-3104171. Let's make good money and get FREE Holidays at the same time. Lain-lain benefit - kerja flexible time, kerja less than 8 hours a day, pay less tax/cukai berbanding pekerjaan makan gaji and satisfaction guaranteed ! If last month I wrote "Kalau harga turun, camne ye..." this time "Kalau harga naik camne ye...?". Ha ha ha Yes ! Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan sekelian market naik over pass sebulan and now consultants and investors gelabah sebab liat nak invest last month. Itulah lumrah hidup - turun naik cam roda. Life is like a box of chocolate or its a durian's life. View the chart above - nampak tak betapa menariknye KLCI Index kite ? Ya, dah bermain-main di sekitar 1600. Ada yang menjangka boleh pergi 1700 by year end, ada juga yang rasa tak boleh bertahan dan akan ada correction (turun) maybe ke 1580, 1550 and maybe 1530. Well, who's to know. My strategies for investors and sekian lama in Unit Trust industry are as follows : 1. Buy low, sell high 2. Buy high, sell higher 3. High Tech - High Touch - not one strategy sesuai for all investors - strategies are applied on case to case basis Saya kurang speculate or time the investment (purchase) but saya refer to stock market charts and jenguk-jenguk market sentiment bila nak sell. Sebab perlu buat Dollar Cost Average sokmo, but bila nak ambil profit, kita kena pantau-pantau. Cara mana nak ambil profit ni ?

Soalan : “Kalau selepas saya invest, harga turun, macam mana ?” Pilihan jawapan : A. Tau, takpe… (jawapan orang yang tak suka pelaburan unit trust) B. Hmmm, tu lah… (jawapan orang yang neutral tentang pelaburan unit trust) C. Tak tahu... (jawapan orang yang blur tentang unit trust) D. Selain dari A, B dan C…. (jawapan-jawapan rasional dan benar supaya pelabur faham dan mengaut untung jangkamasa sederhana ke panjang) Recently, saya ditanya soalan  “how to answer when investors delay making their unit trust investment, due to fear of price decline ?”.

I am still pondering and rambling about the issues of one’s Happiness Index. I tried to understand the variables and factors that can make us happy and I strongly believe in the formulae that Happy = combination {love, health, wealth, time, passion and more…..}. Recently, I realized that for some people, the factor SECURITY can be added to the equation. I began pondering what is “Security” or “sense of feeling secured”. Is it money terms ? Is it protection, guarantee, or perhaps simply “a sense of hope” ? And when someone suggested that "Woman marries for security reasons", the statement bugs me and to a certain extend, annoys me. Why does  one marry another for security ? Is there a trade off ? To receive some, one must give some, sooner or later. Even winning a lottery or jackpot requires time and some money to purchase or play the game. And off course, lots of luck at the right time, right place. Ans sometimes - easy get, easy go ! se·cu·ri·ty (some definition)
  • The state of being free from danger or threat.
  • Emotional security – safe, stable, and free from fear or anxiety
  • Defense against financial failure
  • Degree of protection against danger, damage, loss, and criminal activity.
  • Form of protection
So, when one marry another, giving up freedom of time & decision making, love for someone (love yourself or others) for another, sometimes money and perhaps one’s sanity, comfort and personal space – does that person feel more secured after the marriage ? Or feel more vulnerable now that there are new sets of situations, rules, way of doing things and persons to consider ? What about time - does one need more security over time ? Or does it reduce over time ? Can we actually capture and quantify how much security one needs ? factors change over time, does security change too ? Marriage is not the purchase of insurance plans or takaful plans, which insures and almost guarantee against financial losses stipulated upfront.

“Labour Day is an annual holiday to celebrate the economic and social achievements of workers. Labour Day has its origins in the labour unionmovement, specifically the eight-hour day movement, which advocated eight hours for work, eight hours for recreation, and eight hours for rest”– according to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Labour_Day. Yeah right ! 8 work + 8 recreation + 8 rest ? Mana ada ! These days most work beyond 10 hours a day, not to mention and hour or two travelling to and fro home-work-home. And yes, some do bring back homework ! What’s wrong with these peeps ? Inefficient to finish work in 8 hours or they do not delegate enough ? Even with organizer and fantastic gadgets to keep us organized, we still feel disorganised and seem to accumulate more. Loading on virtual junk information. Thanks to invisible storage. Some we don’t even remember we have. Well anyway, let’s talk what happens when we don’t work ? Have we accumulated enough for our post retirement days ? You do know that mortality for man around 70 and women 72 in Malaysia ? I somehow feel its much longer than these. How does one PACK to travel for 25 years (age 55 to 80) assuming almost zero guaranteed income ? Yes, we’d have to pack enough food, clothing, medication, books, money and maybe a good partner to bring along this journey. We’d want to be healthy to enjoy this journey. We’d want enough money, so that we’re not caught stranded. We’d want to enjoy that journey and be happy during these years. What’s happiness in retirement years ? Am sure first on almost everyone’s list is – ENOUGH MONEY. Next maybe, good health and maybe followed by lots of love from family and friends. As for me personally, its health, love then money. (If you love someone, given permissible health condition, you’ll find that money, somehow). So, its health-love-money for me. What about you ? So it can be concluded that,

Apa itu kebahagiaan ? Dimanakah Gross Happiness Index anda ? Happiness bukan dari segi material tapi juga non-material – health, positive attitude, faith (iman dan kepercayaan), ilmu dan wealth. Happiness is about having a beautiful family, love and being able to pursue one’s passion. Happiness is about having wonderful children with promising future as adults. Happiness is not about having a lot, because many rich people don't find happiness "Money does not buy long-lasting happiness" ? Happiness is perhaps about having enough, sufficient and knowing there’s hope for a better future. I met with a Mr H and Puan R today – both parents to 3 boys ages 5, 10 and 15. As with most parents, their professional career and business is about providing enough for the family and ensuring good education for their 3 boys. I applaud Mr H and Puan R for taking a step in the right direction. A good financial plan starts with acknowledging the need and being aware of how much education cost these days. They wanted their boys to each have enough to pursue an education in Australia which presently cost RM200,000 over 4 years. The fact that these cost are on the rise and that given enough time (3 to 5 years), the money is able to grow over time if investments are made as early possible. And that unit trust investment may be the solution in generating decent returns of 12% per year, at an acceptable level of risk and cost of investment of 3% to 5%. As with most parents, juggling household expenses and savings can be quite challenging, especially for those living in big cities. A child easily needs RM1,000 a month for school expenses, tuition fees, hobbies, medical & vitamins, clothing’s etc. So they wanted a financial plan, and that’s exactly what I am happy to provide. In PMB there are tools – FP Adviser (Financial Planning software) and stand-alone software’s (in CD) for retirement and education cost planning. In addition there’s worksheets for those preferring to compute step-by-step, manually. I chose to punch figures into my financial calculator for answers and start drawing diagrams and time lines to aid understanding. Pn R, an accountant by qualification is able to appreciate the figure crunching process. Whilst Mr H, a businessman was more than happy to have his wife audit the figures and plan proposed. Interested to see these figures ?

"Rare Sight. Awesome Experience" Seeing is believing. Doing and loving what we do, now that’s AWESOME experience. Alhamdulillah and I felt so fortunate to be amongst those crazy few who quest and hunger for such physical and mentally rewarding experience. Yes ! recently saya berpeluang mendaki Gunung Kinabalu – puncak ke-20 tertinggi di dunia. Yes ! Saya sanggup mendaki naik, more than 8 jam untuk sampai ke puncak Kinabalu at Low’s Peak (4,095.2 metres). Perjalanan bermula dari 2jam lebih drive from Bandar Kota Kinabalu ke Mersilau, base camp di KK Park. Bermalam di Mersilau (20’C sejuk dan good food), mula mendaki jam 9pagi menuju ke Laban Rata – jarak pendakian sekitar 8km (5 jam lebih perjalanan). Seterusnya bermalam di Laban Rata (3,272.7 metres ,less than 20’C sejuk, tanpa air panas) and ascend pagi berikutnya to Low’s Peak bermula jam 3 pagi. Sempat solat subuh dan tiba di puncak jam 6pagi selepas 3jam pendakian. Di puncak, its truly a ‘Rare Sight’ and as I said ‘Awesome Experience’ at 4,095.2m and around 10’C (pagi) menggigil…... To me this was the highest level (above sea level) yang pernah saya bersolat and the feeling is indescribable. Maybe terharu and bersyukur are the closest feeling. The opportunity and the strength given by the Almighty to witness His creation is overwhelming. Similarly, in kehidupan kita, we face many opportunities and challenges. Kekadang kita tak perasan pun and at times it has been staring in front of us, all this life. My dear friends, its important to have a feel of what’s in us. Naluri or gut feel, will guide us in life. Sebab itu kita perlu hati yang bersih, so that we can “hear” and “feel” our naluri clearly. Naluri is also instinct or gerak hati. What about our minds ? Apa guna ada otak ? Sebenarnya, saya fikir naluri, instinct, gerak hati and gut feel semuanya dari otak kita. All this programs are not in the heart ! Its in the mind. So don’t worry next time you follow the heart (program in otak) it doesn’t mean “you tak pakai otak”. It just means you follow a different program placed in a different location in our otak. [otak terbahagi kepada pelbagai compartment, each carries programs berbeza. Otak kiri tak sama fungsi dengan otak kanan. Program yang mana nak pakai, bergantung kepada situasi keadaan, pengalaman lalu dan kecenderungan seseorang]. So sepanjang perjalanan mendaki 5jam (Mersilau to Laban Rata) dan 3jam (Laban Rata to Low’s Peak) saya melakukan sedikit self discovery dan saya berkesempatan relate pendakian Gunung Kinabalu to “pendakian business unit trust” saya. And I’d really like to share them with my readers and followers. Lessons from Mount Kinabalu

HAPPY APRIL FOOL'S DAY Who are you ? A Full-time or Fool-time Consultant ? Stop Fooling your time and making a Fool out of your Full-time business. To be or not to be… To be successful and efficient, one must have not quite enough time, not quite enough resources (seperti masa, wealth, knowledge). Too much time – makes one lazy and procrastinate (lengah masa). Too much wealth - makes one complacent (selesa). Too much knowledge – makes one think and over analyze, thus delay action and decision. My question to us all (yes, including myself) “Are we fools ? Are we fooling ourselves with time ?”. Resam manusia, bila dapat sesuatu secara FREE, kita tak value pemberian itu. Thus, when Allah gave us time (for free) we waste them. When school gave us knowledge (for free) we waste them. When Allah gave us health (for free) we abuse them – stuffing our tummies and over indulge with food. So, are we a bunch of wasteful, inefficient and inconsiderate fools or what ? Sedarlah, there’s NO FREE LUNCH. Semua yang free ada tempoh hayat and shelf-life. So we have to learn to use our resources carefully and efficiently before they expire ! And believe that everything is finite except the Almighty. In “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey, habit ketiga is “Put First Things First” (PFTF). Huh, what’s PFTF ?

. Peluang ada dimana-mana. Kalau tak dipecah ruyung manakan dapat sagunya ? Melihat peluang dimana-mana umpama melihat ikan-ikan berenang dalam kolam pancing, tanpa memiliki pancing ! Jika kita positif dan yakin, kita boleh menarik peluang. Soalnya sekarang mana nak dapatkan pancing ? Joran ? Dan bagaimana cara untuk memancing ? Skill memancing perlu kesabaran, perlu masa dan perlu peralatan yang baik, untuk mendapat hasil yang baik. Bak pepatah "Practice makes perfect". Betul ke ? Nope. The reality is "Practice PERFECT, to be PERFECT". That's why athletes like Jeremy Lin (under dock turn instant basketball star), Tiger Woods, Lionel Messi, Rafael Nadal, Datok Lee Chong Wei practice, practice and practice everyday to be sports legend and superstars. To maintain their world ranking. To be dependable to perform well at any given time. Yes, sometimes even superstar "kantoi" but that's part of being human. We are not perfect but strive to be the best we can. A lesson from recent stunt from Jeremy Lin - a Chinese  graduate from Harvard turned New York Knicks NBA basketball hero. Lin believes in practicing hard and punya daya saing and resilience, each time he falls. Its not how bad you fall, but how you bounce back from that fall ! Lin was so ready when peluang to play due to the main team players' injury. He was mentally and physically ready. Lin proved himself and seized the opportunity. Become instant celebrity ! And he got immediate stardom ! Andakah anda juga begitu ? Are you READY when OPPORTUNITY knocks on your door ?