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17-07-11 and 71 registered participants...

Awesome Sunday ! Our Makan-Makan & Grand Brainstorming session was exciting and full of energy. The many sharing by selected EXPERTS was definitely inspiring and moving. The combo of many senior Unit Trust Consultants as committee members, gave variety of flavour and ideas to such a meaningful event. Kudos ! Well done to the January – June 2011 top performers from Just+Caliph+HC. We recognized the following Unit Trust Consultants for good sales performance.
  • Top Agency Supervisors (> 1 year) by Personal Sales Jan – Jun 2011

Rank 1 – Nazri, Rank 2 – Hazah, Rank 3 - Raimy

  • Top Agency Supervisors (< 1 year) by Personal Sales Jan – Jun 2011

Rank 1 – Shahril, Rank 2 – Musriano, Rank 3 – Cikgu Huzairi

  • Top Agents Personal Sales Jan – Jun 2011

Rank 1 – Huda, Rank 2 – Habibah, Rank 3 - Shaharuddin

  • Top Personal Producers (overall) by Personal Sales Jan – Jun 2011

Rank 1 – Jaslinah, Rank 2 – Suraini, Rank 3 - Musriano

  • NSC Qualifers (FREE overseas Vacation)

Los Angeles – Jaslinah

Tokyo – Suraini, Musriano, Suzana, Farah, Arif, Siti, Izat, Yusof, Hasimah, Syed Ali, Liyana, Cikgu Huzairi, Zarina, Suhaila, Aznita

Guangzhou – Shahril, Zaharah, Aishah, Raimy, Julianna, Zarina (nazri), Rohida, Azam, Mazzura, Nazri

We played teamwork & sales strategy games. We mind mapped our actions and pen our Game Plan for the rest of the year. The importance of these lies in knowing WHAT we want, strategize HOW to achieve them, WHEN to achieve them. We usually go through our daily routines like a hamster running in the “wheel” within its cage. So routine, so mundane and so focused on that one thing – running.  Until one day we just fall out of the “rat race” due to exhaustion.

Amongst the many, many benefits of being a unit trust consultant are the FREE overseas holidays every year. I have made a promise to myself to qualify for these awesome trips every year. Places I've been to since joining the unit trust business : year 2005 - Venice, Italy and Vienna, Austria year 2006 - Istanbul, Turkey year 2007 - Athens, Greece year 2008 - Istanbul, Turkey (again) year 2009 - qualified for Hokaido year 2010 - choose South Korea (qualified Dubai) year 2010 - Spain (Top 25 GAM's retreat) year 2011 - Auckland & Rotorua, New Zealand (22nd NSC Qualifiers (year 2011) - 298 UTC New Zealand, 575 UTC Beijing, 841 UTC Phuket) year 2012 - Los Angeles, USA (tahun depan babe !) The journey has been both rewarding and fulfilling. A combo of work and play. Now, why must each unit trust consultant qualify for these trips every year ? Becoz......

Pirates of the Caribbean - On Stranger Tides (POTC), Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) jumped off the cliff in the quest to find the "Fountain of Youth". Hmm the scene is so similar to a bungy jumping experience I recently had at Taupo, New Zealand. And I'm gonna tell you why. How does swashbuckling & cliff jumping from POTC 4, bungy jump at Taupo and our unit trust business look so familiar ? The more I think about it, the more similar they all look and feel. And guess what ! I’ve done them all… Our recent New Zealand trip (with Public Mutual Berhad) gave me the chance to experience first hand how bungy jumping - a “fast forward” version of overcoming fear in any business venture. And last night, watching Pirates of the Caribbean in 3D, gave the opportunity and further insight into this whole new experience. (FREE trip to Los Angeles in 2012 – interested ? call Jas @ +012-2037003 / +017-3104171). Bungy jumping is an opportunity to conquer our fear and experience the thrill of feeling gravity (free fall) by taking calculated risk (security features – rope, harness, qualified facilitators) via a fast forward motion. Unit Trust business is an opportunity to conquer our fear and discover our talent, and experience the thrill of managing our own business and natural growth (growth of business driven by market forces) by taking calculated risk (taking charge of our financial security vs makan gaji learning from experienced Unit Trust Consultants, guided by Code of Ethics and Industry Regulation) via a day-to-day motion. Very “serupa” right ? ..The main difference is the time taken to experience them – bungy requires 20 minutes preparation for that 2 minutes thrill, whereas unit trust business allows you time and has a lasting effect. And both bungy and unit trust business can be perfected by going through the motion and practicing the art over and over again. We decide how we jump, we decide how our unit trust business should flow and grow. Unfortunately, the cost of bungy jumping of NZD200+ and time constrain did not allow us to "perfect" the art but suffice to say "Yes ! I just did it". For those yang terlepas peluang to bungy jump, go watch Pirates of the Caribbean – On Stranger Tides and try imagine & feel “what made Captain Jack Sparrow jumped off the cliff”, “why he had to do it”, “why it was important to pursue it”….. Remember to watch the 3D version to feel the depth of Depp. See Jas jumped the bungeeee.

. Question : What is a good investment ? Answer : Pulangan yang tinggi dalam jangkamasa yang pendek. Question : What does a good investor look like ? Answer : Like Warren Buffet - discipline, patient & sabar, looks at fundamentals of investment (true value, including the intrinsic or hidden value), willing to take calculated risk (short-term) for good gains (long-term), focus, belief etc So ask ourselves, can we find "good investment" and be "good investor" ? So, this time around I'd like to share and a little preview into our recent Coaching Session conducted 7 May 2011 by combo of Jaslinah-Ida-Shahrul where we analyse this theory and long-time belief in ASB and ASB Loan. How many of us have blindly accepted the miracle of "feeling rich" almost instantaneously by taking loans and thereafter making so called "wise investment" decision with the loan amount. Well, dear friends, we have all been deceived for oh so many years. Join me here and let me share with you the myth being busted ! Before that - a quick comparison : Also note that the ASB dividends - pro rated over 12 months (means each months lowest amount is used to compute dividend) whilst ASB bonus units - pro rated over 120 month. Also note that ASB has ZERO entry fee or charges whilst Unit Trust in Malaysia usually charges between 5% to 6.5% front loaded fee. This fee is insignificant for investors investing beyond 5 years ie. approximately 1% per year versus prospect returns of 12% or more per year. And often the unit trust comes with personal touch - consultants service at door step, with free valuation and professional advice. Investors are treated uniqe and special under unit trust versus ASB, where investors are merely a pool of investors. In addition many unit trust company package value-added benefits such as FREE Group Insurance, Wasiat & Trust Nomination to investors investing above RM100,000. No limit to RM250,000 per investor as ASB schemes. So how did we bust the myth of ASB Loan Schemes ? Two approaches Method 1 - common sense and Method 2 - perfect sense using software (will be discussed in Part 2). METHOD 1 - Common Sense Take a scenario. Persoalannya, is it bijak to take loan from bank and invest the amount lump sum (sekali gus) dan bayar bank bulan-bulan. Or is it more bijak to just do investment bulanan yang regular & discipline (seperti amount yang bayar bank) ?