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. P. Ramlee song "Dimana kan ku cari ganti... " So true. When one passes away, demised or meninggal dunia, yang ditinggal hanya amalan & ilmu yang baik, anak yang soleh dan sedekah, amal jariah. Something along those lines. But also, yang ditinggal - suami or isteri, maybe isteri-isteri dan anak-anak dan yang seumpamanya. Yang pergi tetap pergi, yang ditinggalkan masih perlu dijaga kebajikan mereka, supaya tidak ditimpa kesusahan dan kesukaran untuk terus hidup. Many Muslims assume that since the distribution of their estate to their legal heirs follow Faraid Principles, there is no need for them to write a Wasiat. Such ignorance on issues of Syariah distribution of harta pusaka may cause the grieving family members having to go through financial uncertainty. More often than not, absence of will or wasiat leads to family members squabble and fighting over whose the right heir and whose to own what and in what proportion. PMB provides will and wasiat writing services and it could be FREE OF CHARGE for Mutual Gold investors. Our qualified Syariah lawyers will assist in drafting a reasonably comprehensive wasiat for PMB investors. It can be done in 1 week, as when i did my wasiat. Seriously, its not that difficult but we contemplate, we give excuses and we stay in denial that its not urgent. My dear friends, WASIAT is SUNAT MUAKKAD and I urge you to appreciate these excerpt from the holy Qur'an and our Prophet's Hadis below to understand the significance and urgency of drafting a muslim's wasiat. From the Qur'an, An-Nisaa’:12 “in what your wives leave, your share is a half, if they leave no child; if they leave a child, you get fourth; after payment of legacies and debts. In what ye leave, their share is fourth if ye leave no child, but if ye leave a child, they get an eight : after payment of legacies and debts. If the man or women whose inheritance is in question has left neither ascendants nor descendants, but has left a brother or a sister, each one of the two gets a sixth: but if more than two, they share in a third: after payment of legacies and debts: so that no loss is caused to any one, thus is it ordained by God; and God is All-Knowing Most Forbearing.” And from the Hadith of Rasullullah SAW : "it is not permissible for any Muslim who has something to Wasiat to stay for two nights without having his Wasiat written and kept ready with him” (Hadith riwayat Bukhari and Muslim) “ Whoever dies leaving a Wasiat, he dies on the path of Islam, dies in accordance to Sunnah, dies in Taqwa (piety), dies in Syahadah (witness) and his death (sins) will be forgiven” (Narrated by Ibn Majah) From an Islamic Financial Planning point of view - distribution of wealth can be done via tools such as wasiat and hibah. The diagram below shows the 5 areas of Financial Planning. (Note : Unit Trust is used for wealth creation & accumulation). A main misconception to many muslims - upon demise, ALL HARTA PUSAKA will be subjeted to FARAID Principles. A truly misleading assumption which causes many muslims' failure of not preparing their wasiat. Many still insist that if all harta pusaka is Faraid-able, then whats the point of drafting a wasiat ? (Note : about 16 million muslims in Malaysia but only 200,000 wasiat prepared ie. less than 1% have wasiat) Truth is, upon demise, 5 steps will have to be followed and that Faraid is the very LAST few step. Refer the diagram below.

Selamat menyambut Hari Pekerja/Buruh. Honestly I don't see why we celebrate this Labor Day. Does the employees feel celebrated ? If not, apakah cara terBAIK untuk majikan celebrate pekerja mereka ? Hmmm - more gaji, less working hours, good office ambience, less office politics & *ss kissing. HA HA HA mana ada majikan macam ni ? Sebab tu the answer is "BERNIAGA" "Kerja untuk Diri Sendiri" "You ! Be your own BOSS". (Contact me to know how +012-2037003  +017-3014171). Recently, an interesting question was posted to me - tentang EMAS, Gold or AURUM (scientific name for gold & symbol "AU"). According to the penyoal ...some investors cash out of stock & unit trust and rush into buying gold which supposedly promises 30% return a year. For those without the ability to buy gold, they borrow from banks (i suppose taking personal loans or refinance their house loans) to "invest" in gold. Question is - are these wise moves or fools ?.... Honestly I do not have the answer ! If there are so many believers that gold will reach USD2000 level - it may happen as "self fulfilling prophercy" sebab everybody who believes (harga gold akan sampai USD2000) akan continue to buy (invest) in gold until it reached that USD2000 level. Sama juga if there are believers that in MAY - JUNE 2011 GOLD BUBBLE akan pecah (bacalah research "Log-Periodic Oscillation Analysis and Possible Burst of the “Gold Bubble” in April – June 2011" by Arkayev et al 2010), mungkin akan pecahlah bubble tersebut. Sebab itu the wise investors will diversify - allocate duit di dalam pelbagai pelaburan - saham dan bon, unit trust, commodity terpilih (gold, silver), hartanah (real estate, tanah, rumah) dan sebagainya. Seterusnya perlu faham, tidak ada investor yang terror sangat sampai boleh dapat 100% or maximum profit in all their investment decisions. Mustahil bin ajaib ! Kekadang perlu terima sikit losses. So long as the profits are greater than the losses, we should be on the right track. Now, soalan cepu-emas "Kenapa harga emas naik dan terus naik ? Adakah harga emas mempunyai harapan untuk terus naik lagi ? As I wrote eralier, I do not have the answer but I do understand the reason why harga emas kelihatan seperti naik tanpa tanda-tanda akan burst. Harga sesuatu commodity dalam jangka panjang memang dipengaruhi oleh supply and demand factors. Memandangkan emas suatu commodity yang tidak mudah dicari dan nilainya diiktiraf sedunia, maka demand terhadap emas akan sentiasa melebihi supply emas (carigali & production). Dengan itu bila demand lebih dari supply, maka dalam jangka masa panjang, harga emas sepatutnya "naturally on the rise". Soalannya jangka panjang itu berapa panjang ? Malangnya, tak lah semudah itu. Sebab harga emas dinilai dalam US Dollars America (USD) dan soalnya USD sekarang kurang stabil dan affected by keadaan economy USA. Disini, harga emas jangka panjang menjadi "mangsa" kepada economy USA - selagi economy US sluggish dan matawang USD "lemah" (Quntitative Easing 1 & 2 - print more USD paper money), maka selagi itulah boleh dilihat harga emas "artificially on the rise". Similar phenomenon dengan harga minyak sedunia dan lain-lain commodity denominated in US Dollars. Lihat gambarajah dibawah - harga emas (1883 - 1999) juga turun naik seperti commodity yang lain. Especially in years 1930, 1971, 1983-85 dan 1997 -99 due the economic recession & financial crisis. Only after year 2000 harga emas mengalami trend harga naik. Tetapi, please also analyse harga emas jangka pendek (tahun ke tahun) - juga turun naik mengikut fundamental semasa. Harga emas 1995 - sekarang.

Do you dream of a happy and fulfilling life? Can you imagine feeling happy with millions in bank account or a stretch of rumah sewa? Can you imagine having that great body and physique, feeling healthy and enthusiastic about your life ? And for some all the material things in the world ain’t matter – being able to do stuffs that they‘re passionate or deeply concerned about, gives them the utmost pleasure. So many Unit Trust Consultants claimed that the ONE greatest setback in unit trust business is being MALU, TAKUT or FEAR and thus, resulting in LOW SELF-CONFIDENCE (they are so inter-related that I call them ONE). Ya ke ? We demo that some Group Agency Managers are shy too but have strong self confidence within them to succeed and maintain their performance. Believe me all this can be overcomed with one single attitude – DESIRE or KEMAHUAN. Thus, the Malay proverb “Kalau mahu, mesti ada jalan” (something like that). This issue is not unique to just unit trust business, it’s universal. So if you can conquer your MALU, FEAR and LOW SELF ESTEEM, they say the world is at your feet ! So, let’s try to help ourselves here… The simplest thing to do is to have a JUST DO IT attitude. This single “UBAT KUAT” to overcome being shy, fearful and low self esteem is the most street-smart way - learning through experience. Remember to reserve room and space in your heart and always have a positive mind to constantly improve, improvise and be better and better every time you JUST DO IT. The more textbook (theory and methodological way) is what follows next. Step one is to realise the problem – sentiasa malu/fear or kadang-kadang (with certain people only or in unique situation), kenapa rasa begitu (lack knowledge, kurang cantik or handsome). Usually the reason is because “kita kekurangan sesuatu” – kurang wang, kurang cantik or handsome, kurang pelajaran dan ilmu, kurang pengalaman. Betul tak ? Step two – the ACTION PLAN – the how and what to do.

Tanyalah kaum ibu, bagaimana membawa kandungan bayi selama 9 bulan. Tanyalah mama, bagaimana kekadang emosi tak menentu sebabkan hormon dan keadaan fizikal yang makin membesar dari bulan ke bulan. Tanya juga siibu, tatkala rasa bengkak seluruh badan, dek "water retention" dan selera yang sukar dikawal (lebih selera ataupun hilang selera). Selepas 9 bulan, saat berdebar-debar tiba - saat kelahiran sang anak. Seterusnya, si ibu perlu rehat yang cukup - biasanya diberi "maternity leave" 60 hari. Tetapi tanya si ibu, benarkah dapat rehat 60 hari sepenuhnya ? Selepas itu kembali bekerja dan stress sebab ingatkan anak dirumah yang di "delegate" kepada bibik atau mungkin ditempatkan di taska-taska. Manakala kerja opis, macam  biasa, sesekali di"label" kurang efficient dek kurang fokus dan kurang bertenaga dan kurang komitmen seperti sebelumnya. Fenomena ini so common. Dilemma ini memang dialami wanita dan ibu-ibu seluruh dunia - post natal problem ! Kebiasaannya, seorang ibu akan mempunyai naluri dan peribadi yang agak berbeza sedikit - physically and mentally. Perubahan priority (keutamaan) hidup sudah pasti akan menukar gaya hidup wanita tersebut. Contohnya, shopping baju dan handbag sendiri atau baju baby dan susu bayi ? Beli make-up atau beli pampers ? Dilemma antara "yang perlu" vs "yang mahu"... and life goes on for the rest of 20 or 30 years in this manner.. sigh ! Tahukah anda, survey dari Inter Exec reveals that wanita yang mahu di"consider" untuk jawatan-jawatan tinggi, perlu kembali bekerja sebaik sahaja mereka melahirkan anak ? In other words, wanita sebegini, are "tough" and lebih "marketable" dan layak menjawat jawatan tinggi dan bergaji lumayan. The truth is, kaum bapa, not tested this manner but are usually assumed  "more suitable" for higher post. Who's to know ? Test tengok ? Another survey by Netmums, mendapati, diskriminasi terhadap kaum wanita amat ketara di tempat kerja terutama sekali tatkala pulang bekerja dari cuti maternity. Sesetengah dari mereka di pinggirkan dari decision making dan potential career development sejajar development syarikat.